About G.R

While other websites, magazines, and publications try to promote products from incentives by brands, we simply do what we want and what’s best for you. Were business owners, teachers, product experts, and DIY warriors, offering firsthand knowledge and professional experience to aid you in making the right choice for you.

How We Curate Products

At Gentle Review, we understand that you’re looking for honest, accurate, and helpful product information. That’s why we take several important steps to choose the products that we review or recommend to you.

To find the absolute best to include in our reviews, each product recommendation goes through a detailed vetting process. Through this process, we weed out products that use misinformation or fake user reviews to get your dollar.

We Vet Potential Products Based On:

  1. Average Consumer Review
  2. Quality of The Product
  3. The longevity of The Item
  4. Market Input
  5. How It Performs with Our Team

Our Editorial & Writing Process

Creating quality content goes beyond just finding the right products you need or want. Quality content takes a lot of time and experience to craft. At Gentle Review, we’ve built our entire creative process around this goal of creating the best and most accurate content possible.

We also like to stay transparent about this process so you’re not left wondering whether you can trust the information you read from us. So, here’s how we craft every single article we publish.

You will also notice that all of our articles and posts credit the author as “gentle review”, this is because our team of writers, content creators, researchers, and editors work on articles as a team. We take pride in the fact that we all chip in!

Our Team

The core of our team is the writers who take complex ideas and create easy-to-digest reviews, how-tos, and other content. Our writers come from all corners of the world.

Wherever they come from, all of our writers have the kind of experience needed to offer trustworthy information and recommendations.

Beyond the writers, our team consists of people who know how to publish great content. Our editors look over every word that’s written, ensuring everything is easy and engaging to read.


It can be hard to trust a review site when you know they’re often paid by companies that make the products. That’s why we like to remain as transparent as possible about how we make money.

So, yes, we make money any time you buy a product or service from one of our affiliate partners; but we don’t select just anyone to work with us.

Like our product reviews, we take the time to vet our affiliates to make sure they offer quality products and services that will actually be valuable to you.

Questions or Concerns?

Want to know more? Feel free to Contact us to talk about our work or anything related to our product world!

Our Experts & Writers

Darion Robinson

With several years of experience in product research and development, analytical support, customer service, and content creation, Darion understands how important is it to accurately promote the best products to you, as the consumer. Darion enjoys spending time with his wife and family and loves espresso in the mornings! 

Darion Robinson



Andrea spent the majority of her time working as a Project Secretary, but her heart and soul have always belonged to recruitment, marketing, and writing. She takes time to produce quality content including research and development. She gained a degree in Psychology from a reputable university in the Philippines before coming to America.

Andrea Nicole