This is the most comprehensive guide to breathing better and living better through 2020 with the best air purifiers on Amazon!

The best part? I’m going to give you techniques on using air purifiers that are working right now for you and your home.

In short: if you want better air quality in your home and to kick the medication to the side, you’ll simply love this guide. Let’s get started!

It is important to remember that any air filtration device that you’re buying must be equipped with true HEPA filters and not just any filter that’s close in comparison with it. For more affordable and efficient choices, keep on reading our list of ten best-rated air purifiers on Amazon for better indoor air this 2020.

The Best air purifiers with reviews (2020)

“I have had this unit for almost a year now. It's still very quiet and the fans run strong. It is running at least 12hrs a day. The black pre-filter only killed odors for about a week. Any replacement pre-filters only work on odors for about a week as well. I just vacuum [sic] and wash mine. The main HEPA filters are very expensive to replace if you do it every 3 months like your supposed to. I just purchase the largest 3M filters (2 pack) for 18 bucks at Lowe's. You can cut 5 perfect fitting filters out of one. On the bottom of where you place the filter in is a little trip latch you will need to tape down so it thinks it has an "authentic" filter in it.”


  • Equipped with different filters each with its own purpose–HEPA, UVC, carbon/activated charcoal.
  • Independently-tested by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturer), certified by Energy Star, and CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant.
  • Achieved CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating for the following pollutants:
    • Dust – 118
    • Pollen – 125
    • Smoke – 108
  • Easily-accessible operation buttons–Filter Change, UV-C Light, interchangeable three air filtration speeds including ‘Ultra Quiet Speed Mode’.


  • The combination of three different kinds of filters allows GermGuardian AC4825 to filter out odor, mold, large dust particles, pet hair and dander, pollen, allergens as small as .3 micron, and kills 99.97% of airborne germs and bacteria.
  • Independently tested by certification bodies to ensure air purifier is compliant to standard and is safe for your home.
  • With buttons and dial sitting right on top of the device, ensures clean air without the complicated operation.

First Impression:

There are many good reasons why the GermGuardian AC4825 is Amazon’s choice for air purifiers with the top three of these reasons being the value for money, high quality of materials used, and how quiet the motor is.

Aside from being rated as a high-quality product, the GermGuardian also has a three-layered filtration system that is able to remove different kinds of air impurities and even odor. This impressed a lot of the buyers because according to their testaments, they or their loved one who has been suffering from respiratory irritations whenever they’re at home appeared to have minimized symptoms. 

Some even have shared that their children have stopped sneezing and have had better a night’s sleep because of the use of the GermGuardian AC4825.

In terms of aesthetics, this air cleaning device appears like a good-looking appliance that could easily blend in with your interiors. It produces a low noise similar to white noise that doesn’t appear to bother most of its buyers with the noise. 

Overall, the GermGuardian AC4825 is among our most premium choice for an air purifier for better indoor air.

What could be better:

While GermGuardian had been rated as an affordable choice, some were not satisfied. These customers sadly received a product that had a bit of a plasticky smell.

Although, a resolution to this issue had been offered by many of those who have faced this issue. They removed the smell by leaving the filters and the removable attachments out in the sun for a while and let the air purifier run for a few hours. This seemed to have removed the plasticky scent.

“It does it’s job. I don’t like it on the highest setting because it makes a regular humming that bothers me. But even on medium all the time, it does it’s job. I have 2 cats and a 1 bedroom loft apartment. This takes care of it. The filter lasts 6 months based on running 8 hours/day. I didn't catch that. It was spot on for 2 months. But it does do a great job. $180/year in filters is a lot different than $60/year.”


  • A smart WiFi air purifier that can be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • Three layers of filtration: Fine filter, True HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon filter.
  • Quiet with a noise level of 27decibel on Sleep Mode. Noise levels on other modes will never reach 52 decibels.
  • Meets standards of different quality checking bodies:
    • Energy Star-certified
    • CARB (California Air Resources Board)
    • FCC Certified (Federal Communications Commission)
    • CE Certified
    • ETL Listed (Edison Testing Laboratories)


  • With the use of VeSync application, you can control several of the most important functions of the air purifier. Even when you’re out of the house, you can monitor your current air quality with VeSync and you can control the purifier to improve air quality.
  • The three layers of filtration mean that your air can be free from debris and odor thereby, lessening your chances of getting respiratory irritations or infections.
  • Operates with very low noise when on sleep mode so that you can enjoy better quality air as you sleep.

First Impression:

These days, it’s not uncommon to see an appliance that cannot be connected to the internet. If you’re looking for the Amazon shoppers’ choice for a WiFi-connected air purifier, then, the Levoit (LV-PUR131S) is the perfect one for you. 

Aside from the advanced technology, it’s been rated as easy to assemble and easy to install. The best part of that is, it has helped buyers improve their sleep quality without bothering their sleep.

The highlight of Levoit (LV-PUR131S) is how you can operate this air purifier in the most modern way and this is through the VeSync app. 

The VeSync app is currently available for both iOS and Android operating systems and was developed by VeSync in partnership with Levoit and other appliance manufacturers. The app lets you control your Levoit (LV-PUR131S) even if you’re away from home. 

You can even monitor your air quality as you go about your day. In this way, you can always be sure that your loved ones are protected from the irritants and debris present in the air inside your home.

Levoit is indeed leading the game for air purifiers that can be controlled through an app or through other options such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and IFTTT or the “If This Then That”. A truly modern way to improve your home’s air quality, done excellently by Levoit!

What could be better:

There are not many negative reviews for the Levoit Smart Air Purifier. Right off the bat, many of its buyers were pleased by their intelligent purchase. 

Some were unlucky for receiving a refurbished unit and some had received factory defective units.

Buyers who had issues with the air purifier unit they received were easily helped by the company’s customer service.

"Great so far. Using it in my garage / man cave where my brother is a full time smoker. Doesn’t totally get rid of the smoke but I’d say it’s at least 80% better and doesn’t bug my asthma like the orek ozone versions . Also have a cat in the man cave and it helps hugely with the smell from the litter box and garbage cans. Thinking about getting 3-4 more of these for the rest of my place"


  • Uses True HEPA filter that is able to strain impurities as small as 0.3 microns.
  • It has the ability to automatically adjust filtration levels depending on the air quality with its smart sensors. Modes are also manually accessible through a remote.
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rated to remove impurities within 360 square feet.
  • Equipped with PlasmaWave (Winix-exclusive) filtration system.


  • With the help of the True HEPA filter, Winix is able to filter out impurities even the smallest of impurities to ensure that you or your loved one is safe from dander, pollens, or any allergens present within your home.
  • If you’re using Auto Mode on the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier, you won’t have to worry about getting up to adjust the filtration level depending on your needs. It can do it for you!
  • All you need is one unit of Winix 5500-2 to filter out impurities from an area of up to 360 feet. Imagine the savings you’ll get with just one unit!
  • Winix’s PlasmaWave technology is your weapon against all kinds of odors. It’s always constantly working so you won’t feel down about the nasty scent from your cooking.

First Impression:

Sleek enough to be inconspicuous, the Winix 5500-2 is a powerhouse of features. It is praised by Amazon shoppers as an air purifier made of quality materials, quiet on sleep mode, and also easy to assemble.

Auto Mode is a highlight function of the Winix air purifier. With its SmartSensors, this air purifier lets you know how your air quality is by changing the colors of its indicator. 

The indicator changes from blue if the air quality is good, amber if it’s bad, and red if the air quality is really poor. You can think of this feature like how Frodo’s sword called, Sting, glows blue when orcs are nearby.

The SmartSensor, aside from detecting air quality, is also able to detect low light conditions. Once it notices that the area’s light has been turned off or is very low, it triggers the Sleep Mode, which makes the air purifier work at an even lower noise level so you can have a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Winix made its way into Amazon’s best-rated air purifier with its SmartSensor feature and its low noise output. So, if you want an automatic air purifier that checks your air quality, the Winix 5500-2 is indeed a worthy purchase according to Amazon shoppers!

What could be better:

The unit itself is considered to be a worthy purchase for its price point yet, some of the buyers were left unsatisfied.

Some expressed their doubts about whether the air quality detector actually works. As an improvement, it might be recommendable to have numbers displayed for AQI instead of just colored lights.

"I have 2 cats but only one box and I’m diligent about cleaning but with fan it truly cleans the air. The heat feature is amazing and does take the chill out of the room without it being so overwhelming."


  • Captures irritants that are as small as 0.3 microns with its true HEPA filter and odors with its Activated Carbon Filter
  • HP04 is a multi-functional air purifier that can double as a heating/cooling device.
  • It comes with an Air Quality Indicator on its tiny LCD screen that shows levels with numbers. 
  • WiFi-enabled and can be connected to Alexa.


  • With the help of Dyson’s HP04 true HEPA and activated carbon filter, buyers are able to enjoy clean and odor-free air. Fewer impurities in the air mean less respiratory tract issues.
  • Having trouble sleeping because it’s too cold in the room? Not to worry! HP04 is a multi-functional air purifier that can also warm up a room or cool it down to better suit your needs.
  • This smart Air Purifier can be monitored by a dedicated Dyson app that gives you real-time reports of air quality, humidity, and the status of the filtration system. Such insights allow you to change the filter to ensure that you’re getting clean air every time.

First Impression:

Dyson HP04 is a very modern and fresh-looking air purifier that’s both easy to assemble, easy to use, and comes with remote control.

Aside from these qualities, the Dyson HP04 is a multi-functional air purifier that does not only remove pollutants and/or odors from the air, but you can also trigger its hot or cold air function to improve your room quality.

To further ensure safety, Dyson designed the air blower at the backside of the machine so you won’t get directly hit by the hot or cold blown air.

The different functions of the air purifier can easily be accessed by remote control. You can leave this remote control right on top of the blower to safely secure it with a magnet so you won’t lose it.

The machine also shows the current air quality and temperature on a small LCD indicator.

You can definitely trust Dyson to come up with an air purifier with hot and cool air blowers to help improve the quality of your life.

What could be better:

Being a multi-functional air purifier, it was found to be a machine that truly works on purifying the air and keep the people around protected against dander, allergens, and other irritants. However, some were quick to point out that the output for cool air and hot air could definitely be improved on.

Aside from the temperature level of the air output, buyers would like to see further improvements in the application.

Despite being able to meet the basic qualifications for the installation, the buyers who criticized the Dyson app would like to see improved functionality on the app like more connectivity options (Google assistant, IFTTT) and more control options (temperature control).

"Well packed when received. Easy set up. The compact size fits any room.The weight is light to take to a different room. I started with the highest speed at the first day but changed to the medium speed after. Then I hardly noticed the machine was in the room. I opened the cover after 3-half-day use and found my dog's white hair was on the carbon Pre filter! I believe this purifier really filter out the particles in the air. I am glad that I brought two. I will give one to my son to use in his dorm."


  • Capable of cleaning air within a total area of 325 sq ft.
  • Equipped with activated carbon and true HEPA filters to remove irritants as small as 0.3 microns and PM 2.5 particles.
  • Change the fan speed to better suit your needs – Medium, High, and Turbo.
  • Straightforward operation and has a detachable base to convert the unit into a countertop air purifier.


  • Operate the VEVA 8000 easily without any complicated controls even your own child can operate the air cleaner whenever necessary.
  • VEVA 8000 can cover a large room and even more without the hefty price tag.
  • It has two different kinds of filters to ensure that impurities are filtered from the air.

First Impression:

A humble-looking air purifier, the VEVA 8000 will completely catch you off guard with its impressive ergonomic design that has provided its buyers the ease of assembly, ease of use, and maneuverability.

However, the reason why the VEVA 8000 made it to our list of best-rated air purifiers is how uncomplicated it is to operate. While it may have only 3 different fan speeds, it sure does the job of cleaning the air. Even at the lowest of settings, the fan works efficiently without the noise.

Aside from the very simple operation, replacing the filters is very easy. If it’s time to change the pre-filter/activated carbon filter, all you have to do is remove the front cover, remove the old carbon filter from its velcro attachment then put a new one in.

If it’s time to change the HEPA filter, remove the whole braced HEPA filter, put a new one in and then pop the lid back on.

The VEVA 8000 is perfect for any individual or family who wants clean air without the complications.

What could be better:

The advantage of using the VEVA 8000 is how very simple it is to operate without the hefty price tag. Factory defects are most of the time unavoidable, but should the unfortunate happen to you, VEVA is a responsible company that looks after its customers. 

Their customer service representatives are active on the product’s page messaging the people who left negative reviews and even arranges a replacement to ensure customer satisfaction.

I stuck with this product and ended up buying another bottle. Though it can make your hair feel a bit like straw, after 2+ months use, the hair shedding subsided and my hair is definitely thicker. I've even begun to notice some new hair coming in at my hairline, which is exactly what I was hoping this product would do. If you're on the fence try it, and if you're thinking it doesn't work, try it for a little bit longer. I'm starting to get the results I was looking for :)”


  • Features 4 different stages of filtration:
    • Washable pre-filter
    • Odor filter
    • True HEPA filter
    • Vital Ion
  • Compact design but can cover a total area of up to 361 feet.
  • Operates on 5 different settings–Auto, 1, 2, 3, and Eco.


  • Because of the Coway Mighty’s 4 stages of filtration, you’re guaranteed with fresh and clean air with every use.
  • The five different settings make sure that you have clean air depending on your needs. Once on Auto mode, you can leave Conway Mighty to do its job of cleaning air without having to lift a finger.

First Impression:

Conway’s Mighty (AP-1512HH) is a truly mighty choice for an air filter if you want something that’s easy to assemble, easy to clean, and made of quality materials.

Aside from these, buyers of the Mighty found the product to be very powerful that doesn’t hurt the budget.

 In fact, despite being rated to clean air within the area of 361 ft, some of the buyers found that it could cover an even bigger area than what they advertise. This could be a huge plus for anyone who is suffering from any kind of allergy!

Just like the Winix 5500-2, the Mighty also comes with an air quality indicator that shows your air quality in real-time. If it’s on blue, the air quality is good; purple is an indicator that there is the presence of pollutants, and red just simply means that the air quality is very bad.

It is very simple to operate a machine that features an Auto mode. The auto mode works alongside the air quality levels and reacts to it accordingly. 

What’s more, is that it has an Eco mode which gets triggered once the machine detects that the air is in good quality for 30 minutes. Through the Eco mode, the machine works on lower fan speed and uses up lower power thus helping you save electricity!

What could be better:

Despite receiving praises for being a powerful air purifier, the Conway Mighty is not without faults. Buyers found that the air purifier could improve the instructions so that they could better understand what each mode could do.

"This is an efficient and effective purifier. This is our second purchase of this model. We now have one in our bedroom and this more recent purchase in our living room. Quiet operation."


  • Includes two different filters: True HEPA filters replaceable every 12 months and active carbon filters.
  • Certified by different quality standards:
    • CUL (Canadian Underwriter’s Laboratories)
    • AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers)
    • CARB (California Air Resources Board)
    • E-Star (Energy Star)
  • Works in 5 different fan speeds: Low, Medium, High, Turbo and has a dedicated button for Sleep Mode. All modes can easily be locked by the Control Lock button.


  • With the help of true HEPA filters and activated carbon filter, you’ll be enjoying cleaner indoor air without the pollutants and smells so you can fully relax while you’re at home.
  • Having gained certifications from different quality standards, you are assured that what you’re receiving is a product guaranteed to live up to expectations, safe to use, and energy-efficient.
  • Operating the Whispure air purifier is easy-peasy with its soft-touch controls and dedicated buttons for “Control Lock” and “Sleep Mode”. Whirlpool has your best interest in mind by not only giving you fresh and clean air but also making it easy for you or a family member to access the air purifier’s features.

First Impression:

Whispure Air Purifier (AP51030K/WP500P) satisfied its buyers for how easy it is to use and operate.

This Whirlpool air purifier, aptly named Whispure, has been recognized by Amazon shoppers for its ability to give them a comfortable night’s sleep. Many of the buyers have mentioned how quiet it is and still remain so efficient at filtering out up to 99.97% of irritants present in their home.

With the certified, true HEPA filters, dander and pet fur will not be a problem because of its capability to remove irritants even as small as 0.3 microns. The activated carbon filter helps remove odors without producing any ozone! 

Once the filters have done their jobs, they’re easy to replace and quite affordable to get. The HEPA filters can effectively filter for up to 12 months of use even when the machine is running on medium mode for a prolonged period of time.

An affordable choice that’s quiet and efficient, the Whirlpool Whispure air purifier is your defense against the irritants in your home.

What could be better:

People have attested to the affordability of the Whispure air purifier, is a quiet and reliable air purifier. Yet some buyers were a little disheartened by the quality of the materials used in the newer units.

“I like the auto off timer function and the four different fan speed options. The lowest setting is super quiet. The High setting moves lots of air. One of the main reasons I picked this unit is it does NOT emit Ozone like electronic filters. Another bonus is the pre-filter extends the life of the more expensive HEPA filters. The shape of the unit is also more considerate to space savings as well.”


  • It can capture irritants using its true HEPA filter within a 465 ft land area.
  • It can be connected to a phone application on iOS or Android via Bluetooth.
  • Soft-touch buttons on top of the machine for power, fan settings, Bluetooth connectivity, filter indicators.
  • Small LCD indicator for a countdown timer.


  • With the help of its true HEPA filters, the Honeywell HPA8350 is able to filter out pet dander, pollen, dust, and other possible allergens from the air and can cover up to a total area of 465 ft. The large area coverage is due to the 3 HEPA filters and powerful fan installed in every unit.
  • Accessing the features of the HPA8350 can be done so easily with the help of a phone application. Just turn the Bluetooth on your phone and the unit, and you’re good to go!

First Impression:

The HPA8350 from Honeywell is a powerhouse air purifier that is made with high-quality materials. According to Amazon buyers, they found this unit to be very easy to assemble and very easy to clean.

Even if the HPA8350 doesn’t come with its own remote, it’s equipped with Bluetooth that allows you to access several of the features right from your phone. With the application downloadable from the Play Store and Google Play, you will be able to receive alerts when allergens are present, create a tailor-made schedule, auto-off timer to help you save energy. What’s more, is that the application will also remind you when it’s time to change the filters.

Speaking of filters, the true HEPA filter that’s able to remove up to 99.97% of the allergens present around the unit is changeable after 12 months of moderate use. The activated carbon filter, however, should be changed on a more regular basis in order to preserve the shelf-life of the HEPA filter.

With the HEPA filter and activated carbon filter working together, the herculean Honeywell HPA8350 would be a great addition for anyone looking for a big coverage from their air purifier.

What could be better:

The Honeywell HPA8350 is truly among Amazon’s best-rated air purifier for its powerful air cleaning capability. Most of the buyers loved it and found it efficient. While there were some who were dismayed, it is important to note that their dissatisfaction was mainly due to the price of the HEPA filters.

To ensure that the unit will become efficient at covering a large area, the manufacturer decided to put a total of three HEPA filters. Having to replace each one was a little costly for some of the buyers.

Aside from the price tag of the HEPA filters, buyers found the lock system design to secure the HEPA filters in place was a bit difficult to use. Some even mentioned that their replacement HEPA filters ended up being distorted because of this issue.

"I received my air purifier and in just a short time I already feel the air is fresher and I am breathing better in our home. It is also not an eyesore and very quiet on the low and medium settings."


  • Purifies the air with the help of three filters:
    • True HEPA filter
    • Activated carbon filter
    • UV-C Sanitizer 
  • Soft-touch buttons on top of the machine to access the following functions:
    • Power on/off for the machine.
    • Three fan speeds.
    • Sleep mode and Day mode.
    • Auto-off timers that you can set for 2, 4, or 8 hours


  • While most air purifiers only have two different filtration capabilities, the PureZone has an additional UV-C light filtration system to make sure that microbes are also killed while in operation. You’re not only safe from allergies, but you will also have lower risks of contracting any airborne viral disease with the help of the UV-C sanitizer.
  • Operation is an easy-peasy with the help of the soft-touch buttons. These buttons are situated right on top of the machine where you can see it and functions are all shown by a blue light indicator. This is helpful when you want to operate or change the fan speeds of the machine or set a timer even in complete darkness!
  • With the help of PureZone auto-off timer, you can benefit from clean air without the worry of expensive electricity bills.

First Impression:

PureZone may look small, but don’t let that size fool you. Underneath the modern-looking exterior is a machine that helped this air purifier to be recognized by the shoppers as made from high-quality materials that’s both easy to clean and assemble.

The impressive performance of PureZone makes it worthy to be part of our list of Amazon’s best-rated air purifiers. Buyers reviewed PureZone to be efficient at removing the impurities from their indoor air without the annoying noise.

As an additional feature, the lights even go off once you choose the ‘Sleep Mode’ function. In this way, you can go through the night peacefully sleeping, without being bothered by any light flickering that’s coming from your air purifier.

A bunch of customers have expressed their amazement when they felt their allergies have gone away through the help of the PureZone air purifier.

What could be better:

For most of the buyers, the PureZone air purifier by Pure Enrichment was indeed a steal. Buyers have placed them anywhere they need the machine to be, even let it sit right on the countertop!

Despite the majority of positive feedback, some were a little disappointed by the air purifier’s small coverage. But, for the price point, it might be more suitable for homes with a smaller area and for a smaller family.

“After giving birth, my wife lost so much hair. She got her shortest haircut in her life just because of the little hair that she left on her head. She tried a lot of shampoos, oils, vitamins, etc., but nothing helped until we found it. She thought about trying this shampoo. And boom! It started to work. A month later, she saw a big change. Hair loss almost stopped and her hair began to thicken.”


  • Equipped with True HEPA filter and a washable activated carbon filter.
  • Can purify the air within an area of 160 sq. ft.
  • Compact and stylish. Measures only 13.54” x 8.5” x 6”


  • Even at a lower price point, the Hamilton Beach is giving its buyers the quality that they deserve by installing a true HEPA filter in every unit of TrueAir that removes allergens from the indoor air up to 99.97%.
  • Because of its compact design, TrueAir can be effectively used in smaller spaces such as a small room or a small office cubicle so you can enjoy clean air and enjoy the freedom from any allergic reactions.

First Impression:

Some buyers have claimed the Hamilton Beach TrueAir as one of the best air purifiers on Amazon that sells lower than $100. It is simple in design and easy to assemble and clean.

Aside from working effectively as an air purifier, TrueAir is great at removing nasty scents from the air and this is all due to the fact that it uses an activated carbon filter. According to Hamilton Beach, this activated carbon filter is also washable! Having a washable filter can be considered a great way to save money on filters especially if you live in an area where dust can potentially accumulate at fast speed rates.

Amazon shoppers have spoken and they love the affordability of the Hamilton Beach TrueAir. If you’re looking for a small unit at a low price point, then this might just be the air purifier for you.

What could be better:

Despite having mixed reviews, the buyers still generally felt like the air purifier suited the price point really well.

What some didn’t like is how they couldn’t remove the filter for cleaning. This resulted in having a distorted filter.

Let's Dive a Little More Into Air Purifiers

First and foremost, if you’re the type of person who faces respiratory issues such as asthma or overbearing allergies, did you know that your condition could be worsened by contaminated air?

Along with medications, having an air purifier to help clean out the air at home is a helpful way to alleviate some of your wheezing, coughing, and sneezing.

Indoor air pollution is closely linked to children’s asthma. An analysis of the indoor air in several homes of asthmatic children in Baltimore and Seattle revealed that contaminants are present and can easily trigger their condition.

The said contaminants were either naturally-occurring or man-made. Naturally-occurring contaminants are pollens, dander, spores, bacteria, and other animal or plant-related litter. 

Man-made contaminants include vehicle combustion that penetrates the house, soot, dust, ashes from the fireplace, cooking, and cigarette smoking. The contaminants aforementioned can easily be filtered by an air purifier

If you or a loved one suffers from any respiratory-related diseases, it is important to have an air purifier with HEPA filter and carbon filter as it is considered to be the most effective of all. 

These characteristics can easily be found in GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier 3-in-1 (AC4825) by Guardian Technologies–an Amazon choice for an air filter and currently the best-rated air purifier on the website that provides the following benefits:

  • Equipped with three different air filters (Carbon to filter out larger impurities, HEPA filters to stand against dust mites, pollens and dander, and UVC light that can kill up to 99% of microbes and germs) to ensure that your family is breathing cleaner air that is free from nature’s pollutants.
  • It doesn’t produce noise when functioning so your family will not only enjoy clean indoor air, but also a peaceful and relaxed environment.
  • Filtration capability can cover a room with an area of up to 167 sq. feet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using an Air Purifier

Do air purifiers really work?

A lot of us are quick to resort to skepticism as our first line of defense against things that seem too good to be true. 

To answer the question about whether air purifiers can do its job, a study in 2017 asked this same question. The study, however, was focused on the efficiency of an air purifier at removing pollen from the indoor air. Suffice it to say, the study resulted in the attested capability of an air purifier to filter out the said pollutant.

Do air purifiers really work? You betcha! However, it must follow the standard of US Department of Energy to actually be an effective air purifier.

Are there any side effects to using air purifiers?

Sadly, even though studies have testified the efficiency of air purifiers, it is not without negative side effects. Some of the manufacturers have air purifiers that can produce ozone

Ozone, is defined as, a colorless and unstable toxic gas with a pungent odour and powerful oxidizing properties, formed from oxygen by electrical discharges or ultraviolet light. Unlike oxygen (O2), ozone has three molecules (O3).

Hence, we would like to stress the importance of really reading all of the product descriptions and reading up on the different features that the manufacturers attach to their products. Ozone might be disguised by a good-sounding name.

Can air purifiers improve sleep?

Asthma and other respiratory irritations are linked to poor sleep and even sleep deprivation. Sufferers are forced to wake up to release the irritations and relax the respiratory tract system by coughing and sneezing.

This is where the main benefit of having an air purifier actually steps in. Air purifier improves indoor air quality by removing any irritants present in the area of the machine. Without any irritants, the link between improved sleep and the presence of air purifiers is then established to be a positive one.

Wrapping Up

Air purifiers can be considered a great investment for people who suffer from allergies, who live with pets, or just someone who would like to enjoy clean and fresh air.

That said, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of air purifiers, it is important to look into the components of what helps the air purifier filter the irritants from the air. 

Consider getting a true HEPA filter. And we would like to stress on the word ‘true’ because there are some filters marketed as “HEPA-type” or “HEPA-like”. These are supposed to mimic the more expensive HEPA filters, however, they are of a different or should we say, lower standard.

Air purifiers with activated carbon help eliminate the odors present in the air while ultraviolet filters help remove the microbes lurking.

Still be aware that there are filters that are ozone producers. If we remember our high school sciences, ozone is bad for the Earth. What more if we used it for our indoor air. Ozone may induce more allergies, which could become deadly for people or your beloved pets. If you still need help, check out my post on testing your air quality at home!

We hope this list of the best-rated air purifiers will help you in finding the best air purifier to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Keep on coming back to our page for more informative articles and buyers guides!

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