The baby monitor. A necessity, a safety tool, and so much more for all new parents. 

The toughest obstacle we face as parents is the fear of our babies left unattended. Well, I am here to put these fears to rest. This may be the most comprehensive guide on baby monitors this year. 

The best part? I am going to show you techniques on improving the experience with your little one that will work right now as we go into 2020!

best baby monitors

Simply put: if you want to make sure that your baby is safe without having to be by their side 24/7, you’ll love this guide. Now, let’s get started, mom and dad!

When looking for a baby monitor, it needs to come from a brand that parents can truly trust. Thankfully, the DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is here to help parents keep their babies safe with these outstanding features:

  • No set up required! The DXR-8 is a plug and play device that doesn’t need any elaborate set-up to work.
  • Safe from hackers. 100% private. Dependent on a highly secure wireless network to ensure that feed is real-time.
  • Award-winning technology. Considered by Business Insider as the Top Pick in baby monitors for 2019, this baby monitor has also been recognized by other popular tech blogs and magazines as the best baby monitor including Wired (A Reliable Pick for No Wifi Baby Monitor 2019), TechRadar, Popular Mechanics, and Mashable.

For a more in-depth look at the DXR-8 and other wonderful baby monitors on Amazon, be sure to read my review below! 

The Best Baby Monitors Reviewed (2020)

“Works as promised Very good night vision Panning is awesome Great range and battery life (so far) Really happy with it. My only complaint is the mounting is pretty limited with only 1 screw. I'm not going to put a screw into my crib... or trust one screw to hold this over my son... So I made an FDM holder that clips to the crib (pics attached)... hopefully the manufacturer could offer a universal version of this clip and/or add another screw hole.”

Matt de Remer on Amazon


  • Audio and video feed is shared in between the camera and the monitor alone through 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology.
  • The camera can tilt up to 100° upwards and rotates up to 330° in a circular motion and has an interchangeable lens that can be zoomed. Expandable up to 4 cameras for an even more inclusive view.
  • Sound activated LED bar that can notify when the child is crying.
  • On a full charge, the battery can last up to 12 hours and 8 hours when there’s a live feed.
  • Other features include a Remote thermometer and alarm.


  • Privacy and security are uncompromised. With the help of the FHSS technology, you’re assured that your audio and video are only transmitted between the two devices.
  • DRX-8 allows you to view around the room through its tilt, pan, and zoom capability. You can even purchase a wide optic lens for an even wider/ panoramic view.
  • Be there for your baby’s needs. Get notified every time your baby cries so you can easily attend to their needs.

First Impression:

Parents are in love with the DRX-8 for its top three characteristics: material quality, sound quality, and night vision. The award-winning baby monitor cannot escape popularity and is still being recognized by different tech blogs and magazines. It has even entered Amazon’s choice for a Video Surveillance Equipment.

Infant Optics started out in 2011 but has continuously thrived in the business because they are able to attune to what their customers truly need. According to them, they listen to every suggestion and just keep on moving forward with innovation.

One innovative feature that cannot be missed is the secure and private network that the DRX-8 is making use of. Through FHSS technology, you are sure that the feed between the camera and the monitor remains between the two devices. It is completely secure and guaranteed not to be hacked. After all, ensuring their child’s safety is every parent’s priority.

Overall, buyers have joined in to say that this is the best among baby monitors on Amazon for its reliable features that will surely appeal to first-time or veteran parents alike.

What could be better:

The DXR-8 by Infant Topics received so many recognitions from parents and tech blogs and magazines alike. A very worthy purchase for the price it’s currently enlisted.

Its basic functions can easily be accessed in its dedicated monitor whose connection is so secure that it only goes in between the two. For points for improvement, some of the buyers felt that Infant Optics could improve the battery life of the DXR-8. Sure, they can use it while it is plugged in, it would definitely be better if the battery life can last longer.

“I tried 4 different Audio Only Monitors and this one by far works the best for Long Range!!! We have a 2500sqft home plus 5 acres of land. I need a monitor that I can take outside and work in the yard while the baby is sleeping. Out of all 4 that I tried (summer infant, angel care, Motorola, VTech), this Vtech one is the ONLY ONE that would let me go into my yard. Now it will not cover the entire 5 acres. I'd say it covers about 2 acres...then the out of range beeping starts.”

Midwest Mama on Amazon


  • Two-way talkback intercom with a 160 ft range (indoors) and up to 1,000 ft (outdoors)
  • Portable with a belt clip on the parent unit.
  • Night light for the non-parent unit.
  • 5-level sound indicator.
  • Enabled with DECT 6.0
  • Rechargeable parent unit lasts for up to 18 hours or use two AAA batteries (not included).


  • Basic operation, no wireless connection required. For busy parents who only want to hear or communicate with their baby, the VTech DM221 operates on DECT 6.0 for a clear sound over the intercom.
  • VTech DM221 is expandable up to two-parent units that have a range of up to 160 ft within the house so parents can easily reach out to their kids even when they’re in another room.

First Impression:

For an even basic operation, the VTech DM221 is a favorite among the Amazon buyers for the sound quality it produces and the material quality it comes in.

This VTech DM221 offers its buyers the ability to have a reliable sound monitor with premium quality. The secret behind how it is able to provide crystal clear sound is the DECT 6.0 technology embedded in every purchase. 

DECT 6.0 is superior in sound for radio devices, it is even used in cordless phones. What’s great is how DECT 6.0 doesn’t suffer from any interference from other wireless devices and connections such as WiFi.

Parents are also able to communicate with their babies through the two-way intercom because sometimes, all your baby needs is to hear your voice!

At less than $30, VTech DM221 is a clear choice for a basic baby monitor.

What could be better:

Affordability, check! Functionality, check! The VTech DM221 easily satisfies Amazon shoppers’ needs for a basic and quality audio-only baby monitor.

However, some of the unsatisfied shoppers do believe that the device needs some more improvement in terms of the range.

“I tried 4 different Audio Only Monitors and this one by far works the best for Long Range!!! We have a 2500sqft home plus 5 acres of land. I need a monitor that I can take outside and work in the yard while the baby is sleeping. Out of all 4 that I tried (summer infant, angel care, Motorola, VTech), this Vtech one is the ONLY ONE that would let me go into my yard. Now it will not cover the entire 5 acres. I'd say it covers about 2 acres...then the out of range beeping starts.”

Midwest Mama on Amazon


  • Secure FHSS technology on 2.4 GHz wireless network.
  • Two-way talkback communication between the range of up to 900ft.
  • High definition display on a 2.4” monitor.
  • Dedicated buttons for volume, microphone, and up to 1x zoom.
  • Pair up to 4 different cameras to monitor different rooms.
  • Monitor temperature, set an alarm, watch in night vision mode, go on eco-mode when not in use, and get notified by any sound coming from the baby room with the sound-activated LED lights.


  • Equipped with the 2.4 gHz wireless network with the secure FHSS technology means you can stream safely in between the camera and the monitor without the fear of getting hacked.
  • Two-way talk communication allows you to speak to your baby when they need you the most. Because sometimes, all your baby really needs is to hear you talk.
  • Easily access the zoom button right in front of the interface of the monitor, making it easier for you to watch your baby whenever you need it.

First Impression:

Babysense baby monitor is priced at less than $100 and is an Amazon shopper’s favorite for its zoom, night vision, and sound quality.

For its price point, it’s understandably easy to disregard a small monitor to watch over your baby. However, if it has an encrypted connection shared only between the monitor and the cameras, why not?

That is why the Babysense baby monitor was received fairly well by parents. It’s got a pretty small monitor that has the controls right in front. The screen, though only at 2.4 inches, creates a clear output whether in daylight or in infrared/night vision mode.

Reviews of the Babysense baby monitor were generally positive and stressed a lot about the affordability of the device. If you’re looking for a baby monitor that can do its job at a price point that won’t hurt your budget, then this might be the one for you.

What could be better:

Amazon buyers generally praised the Babysense baby monitor, yet some found the camera’s sensitivity to light to be an area to improve on. The night vision mode is easily triggered even when there’s low light still present in the room.

“I love this product! Had a little trouble the first 2 days because of our internet connection, the sock still worked we just couldn't see the baby's levels. Once the connection was fixed, we haven't had any problems or false alarms. I sleep so much better knowing my child is monitored and will be alarmed if something is wrong. The only thing that needs to be adjusted is the rates for what is normal. An oxygen level in the 80's is not normal and 60 is super low for a child's heart rate. I wish I was able to adjust it myself. Hopefully in the future it will be adjusted to the correct normal limits.”

Rebeca on Amazon


  • Track heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • Three washable socks interchangeable with the device.
  • Smartphone access through an exclusive Owlet app.
  • BPA, lead, and latex free.


  • Worry less and lessen anxiety with a baby monitor that tracks and notifies you of only the most important information. Get notified when there’s an abnormality in your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels or simply when the sock comes off. You can easily receive these information transmitted over WiFi and Bluetooth to the app and the dock station.
  • With the smartphone access and an online account, you can keep track of your baby’s sleep, heart rate and oxygen levels. Generate historical data easily with your account right at your fingertips.

First Impression:

This isn’t your traditional baby monitor. Instead of giving you video feed and stills, this Owlet baby sock gives you an even more in-depth data with oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep. Parents found it to be lightweight which they deemed suitable for their own baby.

This baby monitor is a little more expensive than other ones but it’s only because it offers parents more data that allows them to have a peace of mind. 

A baby monitor that tracks oxygen levels and heart rate was deemed extra valuable by parents whose babies have health conditions related to the cardiorespiratory tract.

As one of the reviews have noted, this baby monitor may not be for you, but it is indeed for parents of babies who have health conditions that require close monitoring.

What could be better:

These types of baby monitors are relatively new to the field. Heart rate and oxygen level tracking are something that you can find in actual medical devices. 

However, despite its recency, the monitor is receiving positive receptions from its buyers.

That said, the buyers have suggested an improvement in the application. They further mentioned that since the device was already pricey maybe it could already include the price for the Owlet Connected Care app.

“So I initially ordered this a month ago but after three weeks, I got fed up with it. The video would stream maybe 10% of the time. I returned the camera. Very quickly the manufacturer reached out to me to ask why I returned it and to offer to send me a new one. Well apparently I'd had a dud. I set up the replacement (which is very easy) and started checking the video stream throughout the day. It's worked every time. So now I've got an eye on my toddler who is napping and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee while it's hot.”

K. Smith on Amazon


  • Exclusive Amazon sale: Save $10.00 for every purchase plus an extra 10% discount when Amazon coupon is applied!
  • Smart detection for movements sends you alerts to your phone, instantly records and takes photos once a little motion is detected.
  • 1080p means high definition views on regular and night vision mode.
  • Store videos on cloud. Cloud service is free on the first month.
  • Streams via 2.4 gHz WIFI only (Cannot run on 5G networks yet).


  • Address concerns immediately by getting notifications for any movements.
  • Watch in even higher resolution and clarity compared to other brands with Victure baby monitor’s 1080p resolution. Enjoy this clarity whether you’re in regular viewing mode or night vision mode.
  • Since the stream is available on 2.4gHz WiFi, you can share the feed to an unlimited number of family members who have the IPC360 app on their iOS or Android device.

First Impression:

A baby monitor of value at less than $30.00 per piece, the Victure surprised many of its Amazon buyers with its high definition and zoomable views. What further impressed the buyers of Victure FHD baby monitor was the picture quality even on night mode.

Upon reading the product’s reviews, Amazon buyers cannot stop raving about how clear the resolution of the camera. Furthermore, they have found that the baby monitor streams with clarity even when they are very far away from the camera. 

Some have shared that they are able to watch their precious little ones, their property, and even their chickens while at work! Overall, buyers only left positive reviews about the Victure FHD baby monitor.

What could be better:

Despite the multiple positive reviews with high praises regarding the resolution of the feed, some were a little disappointed with the app and the way that the stream could be accessed.

In order to view the feed from different units of devices, you must have different accounts hooked to the main account. 

Only one account is considered the “admin” of the device that can do and change the settings. This was a little difficult for some of the buyers who preferred having two “admin” accounts and the ability to log the same account on different devices.

I installed the baby monitor a couple days ago and I love it, the quality of the image display is great and the sound is pretty good too, I can see my kids very clear even with very little light, it’s super easy to set up, it comes with instructions and everything you need. I love cooking so keeping the monitor in the kitchen is awesome so I can keep watch on my babies.

Monica on Amazon


  • Save 28% off if you buy now! Promo is limited to Amazon shoppers only.
  • 720p high resolution view on a 5” HD IPS display.
  • Two-way audio.
  • 4500mAh rechargeable battery. Battery lasts for 24 hours when screen isn’t used (Audio Only) and up to 12 hours with screen use.
  • Wide range of signal can reach up to 480 ft.(900 ft when unobstructed).
  • Get notified when your child cries with the 7-level volume and LED indicators.
  • Special buttons for:
    • Zoom
    • Talk
    • Auto-pilot and camera maneuver
    • Menu (Quick access to Night Mode)


  • Monitor your baby’s activities in clearer view compared to older baby monitor models, and that is all due to the IPS (In-Plane Switching) display, a form of LED monitor.
  • With the help of the two-way radio system, you can conveniently sing your baby a lullaby even if you’re in another room.
  • Uninterrupted feed on secure network assures you that your baby monitor’s feed will not get hacked.
  • Get notified easily when your baby needs you most with its 7-level volume and LED indicators.

First Impression:

VAVA’s commitment to “smart made simple” is embodied in its baby monitor. True enough, it is very simple to operate and has been highly rated for having great value for money, high picture quality on both regular mode and night vision.

Aside from the above, we would like to highlight just how clear the display is on the VAVA baby monitor’s 5” IPS screen. Parents love just how clear the image is even if they are far away from the baby’s room. And the credit is all due to the IPS screen. 

IPS, which stands for In-Plane Switching, is a kind of monitor that is closely related to LCDs and LEDs. The only difference that the IPS display has over LCDs and LEDs is that they’re just better. 

IPS is better than its predecessors in terms of color accuracy, response times, have an even better brightness and contrast, and can offer an even wider viewing angles.

Put all that IPS greatness into one compact, 5” high definition screen and a baby monitor that’s also packed with so many features and what you’ll get is the VAVA, an Amazon best-selling baby monitor.

What could be better:

There’s a lot of positives that could be said about the VAVA baby monitor. With that price value and an incredibly clear IPS monitor, it’s difficult to find fault in a device that actually does a great job of helping you keep an eye on your baby.

Sure enough, the video is the highlight of the VAVA baby monitor. However, the audio could use a little more improvement so that parents can hear their children better and vice versa.

Bought this to make it easy to transfer our nanit from the nursery to our bedroom, living room, even camping! Works great and we sisnt have to wait to install the stand that came with our nanit.

Angela Bradburn on Amazon


  • Complete monitoring system that includes breathing detection, sleep, and movement.
  • Access live streaming HD video feed of your baby.
  • Hear and speak with your baby through the two-way communication.
  • Baby is completely free from any electronic or any form of wiring.


  • Coach your child to sleep independently with the help of the Nanit sleep coach available in the app that works together with the complete monitoring system.
  • Nanit camera offers full HD view of your baby while it is sleeping. It is even able to capture a time lapse of your baby’s sleep through the night.
  • Receive insights from the Nanit baby monitor app for a healthy baby sleep and a healthier you.

First Impression:

Nanit offers a complete baby monitoring system that not only provides you with the video feed of your baby sleeping but also an analysis of how well baby has slept through the night. It has been rated high for its night vision mode quality, as well as its audio and video quality.

Since this is a complete baby monitoring system, data is fed to the Nanit baby monitoring app that uses the breathing rate data from the swaddle to give you helpful information that will only become beneficial to you and your baby’s health. The buyers have praised these features as this has helped them improve their overall sleep.

While this is not considered a medical device, many of the buyers were satisfied by the data it provides and were pleased to entrust their baby’s safety to Nanit’s complete baby monitoring system.

The whole baby monitoring system is also linked to WiFi. Such a feature was seen as valuable for parents who are often away from their baby, traveling, or even going on date nights. It helps provides the buyers with comfort knowing full well that they could watch their baby on their phone, but also check on their baby’s vitals.

What could be better:

Nanit sure does a great job at providing wonderful insights that are very helpful for parents however, at the current price point, the buyers would like to suggest that the insights should also be included in the package.

“The item would get 5 stars from me if the app didn't have occasional issues with disconnecting and reconnecting. I'm a first time mom and the stress of everything that can go wrong when my loved one is sleeping was keeping me up all night. It made for an extremely exhausted mom. Once I'm sure the device will stay connected it gives me peace of mind that it will go off if my loved one is having any issues. This is also financially more realistic than the owlet.”

Kindle Customer on Amazon


  • Uses low energy Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 4.0) that has an almost zero radiation level and a communication distance up to 50 feet(15m).
  • Notifications for stomach sleeping and baby’s body temperature.
  • Free phone app for both iOS and Android.


  • Use this breathing and movement baby monitor if you’re worried about your baby’s breathing rate.
  • Connect your phone and the monitor via Bluetooth 4.0 and check for real time movement and temperature easily with the use of Sense-U’s free phone apps that you can get from the Apple Store or Play Store.

First Impression:

For parents who are worried about their baby having difficulties breathing whenever their baby is sleeping on their stomach, the Sense-U baby monitor is for you. Easy to use, provides real time data, and has a good and reliable battery life.

Sense-U maybe one of those “unknown” brands of baby monitors, but don’t let that discourage you from getting their movement sensor baby monitor because it is able to tell whether your baby is sleeping on the tummy.

This is also a valuable gadget for parents who have babies that have breathing problems. The Sense-U is an attachable and small Bluetooth device that can watch your baby’s breathing rate.

What’s more is how the device can also track the temperature of your baby. Easily provide a comfortable environment for your baby to ensure better sleep at night.

Overall, Sense-U’s baby monitor is generally received positively by Amazon shoppers because of how easy it is to use. It is not complicated and only provides you with the data you will need.

If you’re a parent looking for a simple baby monitor that tracks your baby’s sleeping movements, breathing during sleep, and temperature, the Sense-U baby monitor may just be the one for you.

What could be better:

Buyers of the Sense-U were generally satisfied by the output of the device. Being able to get notified whenever their baby is sleeping in a position that challenges their breathing or whenever their baby is feeling cold or is too warm; is something that the Amazon buyers found to be convenient.

However, what this simple to operate device requires is an upgrade in its Bluetooth technology. Right now, Sense-U’s Bluetooth connection has some difficulty passing through firewalls and thicker walls. In fairness, this is something that the manufacturers fully disclosed on their Amazon product information page.

"BEST monitor ever. It plays lullaby and it comes with an easy to install wall mount for the camera. The sound and signal are amazing. My house is 4000sqf and our rooms are on opposite ends and floor and no matter where I go it works."

Estefania A. on Amazon


  • Equipped with sensors that can detect temperature, sound, and motion.
  • Long range and secure network that can pass through walls up to 1500 feet.
  • Long battery life.
  • Maneuver camera right in the interface of the monitor. Expandable up to 4 cameras.
  • Two-way talk back.
  • Comes with five different lullabies and noise.
  • Uses a QVGA monitor.


  • Get notified easily when there are changes in the room of the baby with the sensors that can monitor temperature, sound, and motion.
  • With the help of its two-way talk back, you can hear the baby when he/she needs you the most; speak or sing a lullaby or simply play a lullaby for baby even if you’re across the room.
  • With the help of a secure network that can pass through any walls with a range of 1500 feet, you and your partner can go through the night/day without the worry of keeping a close eye on baby because Panasonic’s KX-HN4101W baby monitor can assist you through it.

First Impression:

Signal strength was not the best asset of most of the devices we featured on this list. However, if you’re looking for a baby monitor with a safe and secure wireless transmission that can pass through walls, the Panasonic KX-HN4101W baby monitor might be the one that you’re looking for. 

What’s more is you can also enjoy other features that other buyers have rated to be excellent on this device like the picture quality and battery life. You can count on Panasonic to deliver quality home appliances including a baby monitor that is very easy to use and carry around.

With the help of the monitor, you can maneuver the camera depending on the view that you need. Tilt it up or down, pan it to see anywhere, zoom, and even trigger the night vision. You are guaranteed that however you wish to manipulate the camera will result in a clear feed on the QVGA 3.5 inch colored monitor.

Panasonic wants parents of babies to be able to live their life and that their baby is well and can easily be monitored through the KX-HN4101W baby monitor.

What could be better:

Impressive, secure, clear display, these are the things that the Panasonic KX-HN4101W baby monitor can truly boast. 

Yet, as endearing this device maybe, there were suggestions to improve the wall mount. Despite this, buyers remain unfazed and were pretty satisfied by the performance of the Panasonic KX-HN4101W baby monitor.

“Gave as a gift for a new mother. I use one as a grandmother for another grandchild and really like being able to see without going in”

Bird on Amazon


  • Completely portable and rechargeable camera offers different views with the pan/tilt/zoom and infrared night mode feature. Split-view capable with an additional camera (Sold separately).
  • Expandable views up to 4 cameras.
  • Two-way communication function.
  • Pre-installed with 5 different lullabies.
  • Buy and save! Comes bundled with a smart thermometer that can save up to 4 different profiles.


  • The Motorola MBP36XL baby monitor offers flexibility of views with its moving camera that you can fully control with the monitor.
  • With the help of the two-way communication function, parents can instantly communicate with their babies especially during their needs.
  • Soothe your baby to sleep with the Motorola MBP36XL’s 5 different lullabies.

First Impression:

Based on a published 2017 revenue data for baby monitors in the United States, the Motorola MBP36XL baby monitor received the top recognition. It remains Amazon’s best sellers to date because of picture quality and its night vision.

Motorola, being a known brand of quality radio devices and phones, came up with a baby monitor that continues to live by its reputation. MBP36XL impressed its buyers with its simple operation. Caring for babies is already complicated, so why complicate your baby monitor?

The buttons are placed on the left and right side of the device for easy access. This leaves the parents with a 5 inch monitor that they can carry around their house.

Through this monitor, parents can also trigger the two-way communication system, which could work nicely for babies who love hearing their parent’s voice.

What’s more is Motorola is currently bundling every purchase of the MBP36XL baby monitor with a MBP69SN ear thermometer with every purchase! This promotion is exclusively sold only on Amazon.

Overall, Motorola has won the hearts of parents with their MBP36XL’s reliability and features.

What could be better:

Considerably a reliable baby monitor, the MBP36XL is currently limited by the frequency it uses. To be fair, Motorola divulged this information right in the product’s information page. Surprisingly, despite this disclosure, Amazon shoppers are still considering the Motorola MBP36XL to be a competitive baby monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Monitors

How do baby monitors work?

Baby monitors work in the same manner as radios. Signals are transmitted over radio waves from the sender to the receiver. Initially, a baby monitor only provided one way transmission. Over time, technological advancements have allowed for two-way communication from sender to receiver.

From our list above, we learned that there is more than one way to monitor your baby. Infant Optics, provides not only audio, but a video feed transmitted over a secure wireless transmission. 

Owlet allows you to monitor your baby’s heart rate and breathing while the Nanit complete baby monitoring system tracks movements, breathing, and temperature.

In true fashion, baby monitors have progressed from a one-way transmission system to the more comprehensive one that provides parents with baby’s data such as heart rate, oxygen level, and even temperature.

Are baby monitors safe?

Generally, baby monitors are safe provided that they comply with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International standards for baby products as detailed on F2951 standards.

This document includes limitation for accessibility of cords to the infant, appropriate labelling of the products, and even providing accurate depiction of baby monitor use

Can baby monitors be hacked?

Not to alarm parents, but, if they are not careful, indeed, baby monitors can be hacked.

The initial releases of the baby monitors that worked on radio waves were susceptible to hacks. Some parents received threats over their baby monitor. That happens today, despite the improved technology.

This is why it is important to always ensure your wireless network connection’s security. When shopping for higher technology baby monitors, always follow security precautions such as ensuring that the WiFi network is safe, encrypted, and that everything has a two-factor authentication.

Can baby monitors pick up other signals?

Baby monitors transmit signals over frequencies and waves. Essentially, baby monitors are just mini radios being their nature, baby monitors can indeed pick up other signals. Parents have reported hearing their neighbor over their own baby monitor.

You can definitely improve your baby monitor’s interference. When using analog baby monitors, be sure to find the best frequency that gives the best transmission. As for the more modern baby monitors on wireless networks (2.4 gHz or 900 MHZ), the best solution is to choose the baby monitor that will not interfere with your WiFi network. 

Background information on the baby monitor.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This statement rings true with the invention of the baby monitor. In 1932, news broke out that a baby, Chas Lindbergh, Jr., had been kidnapped while asleep. This prompted Eugene McDonald to work with Isamu Noguchi to come up with the very first baby monitor–Zenith Radio Nurse in 1937. 

This incident just goes to show that there could be an array of unfortunate incidents that could happen while your baby is asleep. Since then, a population of parents have entrusted the care of their sleeping baby to a baby monitor. 

Wrapping Up

Baby monitors do not come without risk. Since data is transmitted over wireless connections and radio waves, the risk of it being tapped or hacked is present. 

For you and your baby’s safety, it is important to consider names that you can actually trust. After all, you purchased your baby monitor for your baby’s safety. That said, many parents felt safe entrusting Infant Optics with their baby’s safety. 

We do hope that this comprehensive list of the best rated baby monitors on Amazon will serve as a guide to help you shop. Be sure to always check in for more informative articles and the best Amazon shopping tips for you and your baby. Thank you for reading on the best baby monitors of 2020!

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