The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils are what you get from plants when you process them. These oils are considered to be therapeutic and even relaxing. 

This is the reason why spas have them chosen to use them so often. For example, Lavender has been considered to be a great stress reliever. 

Another popular essential oil often used in spas is Jasmine which is known to address issues of depression.

the best essential oil diffusers guide by

Through the help of an essential oil diffuser, you don’t have to step in a spa to enjoy the benefits of lavender or jasmine essential oil. You can replicate this experience within the comforts of your home and the best-rated choice for an essential oil diffuser on Amazon right now is the ASAKUKI 5 In 1 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Fragrant Oil Essential Oil Diffuser (view on This Amazon’s choice for an essential oil diffuser received an astounding number of reviews and it’s all because of the following reasons:

  • An excellent aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that you can fill for up to 500 ml.
  • It uses a high-grade, safe, food-grade, and eco-friendly plastic materials that feeding bottles are made from.
  • Doesn’t only work as an essential oil diffuser, it can also function as a humidifier.

But of course, you don’t get to the top without rising above other competitors. In this post, we’ll also be sharing with you all of the other great deals on essential oil diffusers which you can get from Amazon for the year 2020. Let’s take a better look at them together!

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For 2020!

“This has stopped working already and 30 day return period has passed. I followed all the instructions for troubleshooting. I really didn't use it often and purchased June 2017. I changed my rating because the company sent me a brand new one. They guarantee their product. I am happy to try the new one they sent me. They were so great to work with. Great customer service”

Cathy Claas on Amazon


  • Large tank can carry up to 500mL of water.
  • Auto-off switch.
  • Can also function as a humidifier


  • Longer use due to large water tank.
  • Different colors to set up a mood.
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology to break up water molecules into smaller units for moistening skin and loosening up mucus lining.

First Impression:

It’s no wonder that Asakuki’s essential oil diffuser is one of Amazon’s choices for this category because of how easy it is to use and how powerful it is when it comes to diffusing scents without any annoying noise.

While most other diffusers can only handle a cup of water, this essential oil diffuser can carry up to 2 full cups of water thereby making it convenient to use as you go to sleep. But you don’t have to worry about overheating because it has an auto-off function as a safety feature.

The essential oil diffuser from Asakuki also has 7 LED lights which is softened by the opaque food-grade plastic. Using a food-grade plastic can ensure your safety from toxic fumes because it is the same type that manufacturers use for baby’s feeding bottles.

In terms of mists, the Asakuki can deliver five different modes of mists due to its ultrasonic cool mist technology. With this function, buyers can enjoy the freedom of choosing between high mist and low mist.

Overall, the buyers of the Asakuki’s essential oil diffuser found this product to be a great choice that left them relaxed and comfortable.

What could be better:

Based on reading the product’s critical reviews, many of the complaints were about receiving the product in a damaged and unusable state. 

The buyers who unfortunately received the item in bad condition left photos of the said damage. 

The great thing, however, is that the Asakuki company can provide a refund for the product.

This was a great buy, I love the different color settings and that there’s a bit of white noise. Easy to set up! I have it next to my side of the bed it’s been helping keep moisture near me because now that they weather is changing my allergies are too lol. I recommend this product not only for the price but for how well it works!!

Brianna R. on Amazon


  • Small, compact, and can carry up to 100ml of water.
  • Displays 7 different colors of LED lights.
  • Uses high-grade and sturdy polyethylene plastic.


  • Elegant and easy to use. Impress your company!
  • It has an Auto-shut off for safety just in case you forget.
  • Can stay on up to 6 hours of continuous misting that way you don’t have to think about if your home smells fresh!

First Impression:

URPOWER delivered a 2nd version, a more improved one from the first generation that delivers more mist. But aside from that, what made this version an Amazon’s choice for an essential oil diffuser is its ease of use, low noise levels, and its compact design which is great for small spaces.

Buyers are also recommending this product because it delivers greatly for the price they bought it for.

Moreover, the product was easy to clean because it uses a high-grade plastic which made it safe to use even around children.

This URPOWER 100ml essential oil diffuser has been reviewed positively with a 4.4 stars out of 5 because it is a well-designed product for its price.

What could be better:

Despite the positive reviews, some of the buyers were not easily impressed by the design of the product. 

Even though it looked very minimalist and modern, some have found that this was a functional flaw. The design made it difficult for them to open the product in order to get a refill.

“I'm not sure yet. The previous diffuser I had which was Young Living seemed to put out more of the essential oil scent than this one does. I can just barely smell the oil in the room where the diffuser is located. I could smell the oil all through my house with the Young Living Diffuser. However, it may be the essential oil that I have has lost some of its scent. I will try a new bottle. This diffuser is pretty and seems to be in good working order.”

Pamila Cantrell on Amazon


  • 400 ml tank with automatic shut-off and three other timer options.
  • Noiseless with different mist options and comes with a cleaning brush and cloth for convenience.
  • ETL Certification by Intertek ensures that the product is guaranteed safe to use.


  • Enjoy mists for up to 13 hours due to the big and spacious tank.
  • Sensors can detect when water level is low and will turn off automatically without human intervention for the buyer’s safety.
  • Great plastic quality and design makes it a great addition as a decoration.

First Impression:

Having received an average of 4.5 star rating, this ETL certified essential oil diffuser by Everlasting Comfort was well loved for its low noise levels, timer function, and how easy it was to use.

Many of the buyers considered this essential oil diffuser as a well-made product that delivered just what they needed. Along with the functionality, the users also appreciated how the essential oil diffuser was visually appealing.

Folks recommend following the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the essential oil could actually be disseminated. According to one particular buyer, she mentioned that if you’re using the full 400 ml capacity of water, you should put about 8 to 12 drops of your essential oil to fully enjoy the smell.

In general, Everlasting Comfort’s essential oil diffuser was considered a trendy buy for the price that also serves well as a big-tanked diffuser.

What could be better:

Unfortunately, some of the buyers were left disappointed when they noticed that the outer finish would start to chip. Some of the buyers even left photos with their reviews indicating a damage on the “wood finish” of the essential oil diffuser.

Another concern that the buyers found and something that the manufacturers could improve upon is the location of the plug. To some of the buyers the plug resting at the bottom of the essential oil diffuser, had been found rather inconvenient and a hassle.

I have many diffusers and this one is my favorite!!!!!!!!! Very pleased with this diffuser works perfectly, I use it all day long and absolutely love it!!!

Neena Lisa from Amazon


  • Small and compact design can carry up to 120 ml of water.
  • Two different options for mists:
    • Continuous
    • Intermittent with 30 second intervals each.
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed.


  • Ensured safety of use because of the auto shut off sensor which detects when the water level is very low.
  • Compact design will work very well in a smaller area.
  • Has 7 different LED light settings can serve as a night light for a more comfortable sleep.

First Impression:

Amazon shoppers found this essential oil diffuser to be a nifty buy that’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean.

A great choice for a bedroom essential oil diffuser for its compact design, Fine Line Living’s product was also received positively because of their responsive customer service. One of the buyers expressed her appreciation for their return service when her first purchase broke down.

In general, this essential oil diffuser from Fine Line Living is reviewed positively because it is able to deliver and diffuse the water and essential oils just as it should.

What could be better:

For some people, the design flaw was seen as an issue, but not a major one. A buyer with arthritis in her hands had difficulty opening the top of the diffuser to refill it with water.

Another concern that could be improved upon is the clicking sound that the buttons create when they are operated.

“I purchased 3 diffusers for our office and it is the perfect size for either the desktop or in the corner. It has a silent and powerful mist with a colorful light feature. Our offices were immediately uplifted in aroma and in aura. My staff has been extremely happy and less stressed since we started using these diffusers. The product arrived swiftly and well-packaged with good instructions.”

Kim Jack Riley on Amazon


  • Dedicated ‘Sleep Mode’ button.
  • Has 8 different colors of LED lights to choose from.
  • BPA free, waterless, with auto shut off.


  • The compact design makes it convenient to support humidity for a small area such as the bedroom.
  • Has a dedicated Sleep Mode button delivers low mist and low light function to help relax the body for sleep.
  • Atomizer plate oscillates for 3,000,000 times that produces a well-dissolved mist and oil for a well-distributed scent and mist diffusion.

First Impression:

At less than $15 a pop, the VicTsing compact essential diffuser offers so much more than the price because of how easy it is to clean, great value for money, and its aesthetically-pleasing looks.

The compact body that’s a little taller than a can of regular-sized cola can produce a continuous mist for about 3 hours. Not only is it sleek, but buyers have also found that it is a very reliable diffuser with an automatic shut off to prevent overheating.

With the positive reviews, buyers consider and recommend this product due to its effective diffusing function whether with or without water.

What could be better:

Despite all the positive reviews that the product received pertaining to its size and ease of use, one concern that the buyers have expressed is that the diffuser was only capable of one misting option which was consistent flow.

The product did not allow for more flexible options such as the intermittent mists, which some of the choices on Amazon could do.

To fill up the container you simply lift to top off and fill with H2O and scent drops. I think the design should lock the top in place to avoid spills. Other than that its a very nice diffuser. It shuts off as it is supposed to, although I found "programming" it a little press 17 times for 1 hr, whatever..... It has a pretty shape and it is not as small as some people here claim.”

- Alla on Amazon


  • 3 different timer options:
    • 1 hour
    • 3 hours
    • Continuous
  • Compact and stylish with a wooden-finish
  • 7 different colors of LED lights


  • The compact design makes it conveniently fit your table for a steady supply of humidity.
  • Works quietly which can be a great companion when sleeping.
  • It can cycle through different light modes to get the effect suitable to your needs.

First Impression:

This compact essential oil diffuser from Victsing serves a great option for people who like a small version of an effective diffuser. 

What’s more is that the buyers were left impressed with how easy it was to assemble, use, and how it gave off a great scent coverage that didn’t hurt their budget.

Another great thing to note was how there were a variety of buyers who expressed their happiness with how the customer service helped when they requested for a replacement.

Despite the item being small and considered to be “generic”, helpful customer service went a long way.

What could be better:

Sadly, some buyers reported issues of leaking water.

This could be an area of concern that could be greatly improved upon, especially with regards to safety.

A leaking container that works with electricity could pose a great fire and electrocution hazard

"I took my time using this item before reviewing it, a few months for sure and I will say that I love it, had no issues so far at all. I really like the auto shut-off feature and most of all the cool lighting effect I use as a lamp at night, also it has a nice capacity for water so last longer on then similar products and it has a convenient long cable that allows for moving it easily, I'm happy with this diffuser."

Amazon Customer on Amazon


  • Can carry up to 300 ml of water.
  • Uses ultrasonic technology to provide mist even without the use of heat.
  • Has 4 different timer settings with 7 different LED light colors to choose from.


  • With a tank full of water, the diffuser can work for up to 6 hours.
  • Produces a low noise for a quiet use when sleeping.
  • Handy and lightweight with a compact design can be easily placed on a work table without taking up much space.

First Impression:

Another one of Amazon’s good choices for an essential oil diffuser that sits at a low price point. It was prized buy its buyers for being easy to assemble, easy to clean, without any annoying noise.

Buyers were positively impressed by how functional this diffuser was despite its small size. They praised it for having the ability to provide a strong diffusion of the mist and the scent, that was enough to fill a small area.

The Essential Wellness’ essential oil diffuser was well loved by the buyers for its aesthetically-pleasing design, which could meet any kind of interiors or mood that your home has.

What could be better:

To some buyers, the Essential Wellness’ essential oil diffuser was a little difficult to open.

After a while, according to the buyers, you would have to put in more effort just to refill the tank with water.

“I would have given this 5 stars because it runs beautifully, but there is no max line anywhere on my unit, and it did not come with any instructions. It felt kind of shady. The company needs to get it together a bit with that, because the product deserves it. The lights are beautiful, it’s easy to use but I keep a towel as some water drips when you take off the top to add more water or oil. On full blasts it last me all night so 8-9 good hours. Takes almost half a gallon of water.”

Shannen S. on Amazon


  • A really large tank can carry up to 1.5 L of water.
  • 270° rotating function.
  • Ultrasonic technology and does not use heat.


  • When filled, the diffuser can last for up to 20 hours of use in one go.
  • Large coverage for scent distribution of up to 450 feet.
  • Automatic shut off can keep the buyers safe without the risk of overheating and burning.

First Impression:

If you’re looking for a large capacity essential oil diffuser, this great product from Exqline is definitely for you. Aside from this, you can also take advantage of the other benefits that the other buyers are enjoying:

  • Easy to use.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Durability.

For being called a great choice for an essential oil diffuser, many of the buyers were quick to point out how well that this diffuser can deliver not only in terms of vapor but also of the scent.

Another impressive feature for this tank of an essential oil diffuser was that you don’t have to open it to refill the diffuser. One only needs to pour it directly on the top, a design feature that most of the other diffusers didn’t have.

In conclusion, the Exqline essential oil diffuser was reviewed positively for its great features and minimalist design.

What could be better:

A concern that the buyers found that could be greatly improved upon is that once the item could improve a little more on design so as to prevent any water leakage.

Still, many found this to be a great deal within the price range for a big tank capacity.

“This seems amazing, but I can't give a five star review until I've used it longer--hopefully I'll be reminded in a few months by the seller to update my review. Remote seems easy to use, and it seems easy to refill the unit without a mess. I would've liked to know in the instructions if I should use distilled water--it says use "clean" water, whatever exactly that is. Very happy so far. I was limited in where I could place it in my classroom, so the bloom with 3 drops of 100% lavender oil isn't quite as good as I expected. Students on the other side of the room are having difficulty noticing its presence and it's been on for a couple hours.”

Keith Davis on Amazon


  • Uses ultrasonic technology to break apart scent and water molecules.
  • Automatic shut off that gets triggered when the water runs out.
  • Lower than 35 dB noise level.


  • Safe to use because of the automatic shut off and the BPA-free materials used.
  • The tank can carry up to 300ml that can last all night through sleeping.
  • Two different mist output to meet your needs.

First Impression:

Buyers were easily impressed by this product due to its remote control function.

But aside from that, this product received a high rating of 4.7 stars also because of how easy it was to use and how affordable it was for its price range.

Amazon shoppers also praised the essential oil diffuser for how stylish it looked. On top of that, the 300 ml tank was able to dissipate the scents quite evenly and powerfully.

Overall, this was an impressive buy for the price range.

What could be better:

There weren’t many complaints and some issues raised could easily be addressed by the seller. 

As of now, several reports were about how the package was missing the remote and how some of the buttons lost function.

“After giving birth, my wife lost so much hair. She got her shortest haircut in her life just because of the little hair that she left on her head. She tried a lot of shampoos, oils, vitamins, etc., but nothing helped until we found it. She thought about trying this shampoo. And boom! It started to work. A month later, she saw a big change. Hair loss almost stopped and her hair began to thicken.”

Nick from Amazon


  • Ceramic diffuser instead of the usual plastic material.
  • The tank can hold up to 120 ml.
  • Ultrasonic diffusing technology doesn’t use heat.


  • The tank can last for a whole day of use of up to 6 hours when full, this way you don’t have to constantly check It. 
  • The ceramic makes it completely safe especially for home use and visually-appealing. 

First Impression:

An Amazon product with an average rating of 4.8 stars was revered for its style, presentability, and how easy it was to use.

Buyers did not only love the product for its design but also for its functions as well. The product was found to be aesthetically-pleasing and could serve well as a gift for any season.

As an essential oil diffuser, reviews were left about how well it functioned and how powerful it was able to dissipate scents.

What could be better:

If there is one area that this diffuser could improve on, it could be the amount of mist it puts out when it’s in the continuous mode.

One buyer noted that the mist was too strong it produced a little bit of wet spillage around the area where it was placed.

Frequently Asked Questions Essential Oil Diffusers

Can you use tap water for diffuser?

Aside from asking what kind of essential oil to use in an essential oil diffuser, another question that usually arises is what type of water can be used with essential oil diffusers.

While there’s not much research on such a topic, we can probably take a look at the quality of the different types of water that you can use. 

Here are some of the water choices that you can use with your essential oil diffuser:

  • Tap Water – easily accessible, almost everyone has access to it. However, as this comes directly from the tap, there are minerals and impurities infused with this type of water which can cause mineral build-up and cause the eventual breakdown of your essential oil diffuser.
  • Distilled Water – a better choice than tap water because of the absence of minerals and other impurities. Costly and may not be easily broken down by your ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Filtered Water – mid-range choice as it provides a better vapor than distilled water but with fewer impurities as the tap water.

Is it safe to inhale essential oils from a diffuser?

While it’s generally safe to use essential oils from a diffuser, there is still a communication released by The National Poison Control Center about how it can be dangerous and toxic to an adult.

According to this press release, essential oils can definitely be poisonous when misused.

This communication stated that even though essential oils have been used for a great deal of time to remedy varying skin and internal conditions, it should still be used with caution. 

Various users can get allergic reactions when in contact with their skin and it can definitely be poisonous when swallowed.

To be safe, the National Poison Control Center advises using essential oils according to the label instructions only.

Where do you put an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom?

One of the most popular essential oils for sleep is lavender. Lavender is known to relax the body and to improve your skin’s health.

When put in an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom, the lavender essential oil can help people achieve better sleep.

To maximize the efficacy, the essential oil diffuser can be placed in the bedroom where it is stable and cannot get knocked down easily. 

Depending on how big your essential oil diffuser is, you can put this diffuser on your bedside table for maximum exposure to the scent and vapor.

Can oil diffusers ruin furniture?

Essential oil diffusers work by dispersing oil and water molecules into the air in its tiniest forms so that you can have moistened skin and loosened mucous lining for better breathing.

Since they work with water, using essential oil diffusers is a big threat against furniture no matter what kind it is–wood, fabric, leather, and even plastic.

To ensure that you don’t ruin any of your furniture, find a strategic place in your house where you can still enjoy the benefits of using one.

Definitely in an area that’s not too high, not too close to your walls, and not too close to your furniture.

Summary: The Best Essential Oil Diffusers on Amazon

From reading thousands of reviews and ratings from buyers on Amazon, finding the best essential oil diffusers that work effectively is a great task.

However, the common favorite characteristics that the majority of the buyers seem to agree upon when buying an essential oil diffuser is how strong the scent it is able to put out and how much vapor it produces. 

These criteria are also pretty subjective, which, in our opinion is what makes the experience of shopping for the best essential oil diffuser on Amazon quite the adventure!

There are also other essential oil diffusers which may be more suited depending on your priorities. 

Some oil diffusers don’t need any water vapor to disperse the scent, some use candles, and there are even ones that you can wear. We’re all saving them for next time so be sure to check in again!

Remember, sharing is caring! Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To get updated on the best-reviewed products, come back to for more informative posts!

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