The Best Hair Clippers for Men Who Buzz at Home

An interesting study from the Evolution and Human Behavior journal looked into the effects of facial hair with regards to women’s attraction. 

This study shed light on how a lot of women find heavy stubble to a full-on beard looks more attractive than lightly-stubble/clean-shaven faces. Yeah, that’s right fellas!

For the most handsome grooming, it is important that you have the right tools if you’re planning to shave or trim your face within the comforts of your own home.

man getting his beard trimmed

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Barbers can be expensive and if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, getting a hair clipper that’s reliable is definitely the way to go. After all, grooming is an essential self-care step that should be done on a regular basis.

A reliable electric hair clipper and trimmer may be hard to find, but thanks to the positive rating and feedback from Amazon shoppers, we can definitely recommend the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-performance Home Haircut & Grooming Kit for Men (Model: 79602). Many buyers have expressed their favor for this hair clipper and these are the goods that they found:

  • Ultra high performing motor and its highly durable motor makes this a great choice for at-home hair clipper because it lets you cut your hair up to 40% faster.
  • Precision blades that are self-sharpening make the maintenance breezy.
  • The secure-fit premium guards and stainless steel clips make home grooming safe, smooth, and easy.
  • Create the dopest blending and fading with its highly-efficient taper lever!

Having been rated 4.2 stars out of 5 and with more than 2,200 positive ratings, the Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance hair clipper is currently leading the game when it comes to the best hair clipper choices on Amazon today.

For more of the other best-rated hair clippers on Amazon, keep on reading our list for the most handsome grooming this 2020!

The Best Hair Clippers Reviewed (2020)

"Heavy duty. Powerful motor. Very sharp blades. Using from last 2 years, works excellent."

User on Amazon


  • Finest precision blades.
  • Premium guards and stainless clips.
  • Includes premium accessories such as shears, styling comb, bib, blade oil, cleaning brush, storage case, and drawstring pouch for the guards.


  • Equipped with blades that are self-sharpening and will always remain sharp longer for cutting different hair types–whether you have thick coarse hair or fine hair.
  • High-performing motor makes for the best and cleanest trimming and shave without the hassle of noise. Quiet mornings are, after all, best enjoyed without the buzzing noise from a hair clipper.
  • Simple and easy to operate. Perfected for the caveman who loves to do at-home self-grooming.

First Impression:

The Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Kit is our top pick for the best rated hair clippers because buyers found it to be very ergonomic that is also easy to use and hold. These characteristics are what you would definitely like for a hair clipper to have when you’re grooming at home.

Considered to be the best model you can get by far from Wahl, the Elite Pro high-performance hair clipper can deliver the job that your local barber can do for you. Its high-performing motor was found to be so quiet, it made some question whether or not the clipper was working.

Aside from the quiet motor, many of the buyers have pointed out that this hair clipper from Wahl’s actually gives them professionally-done results. 

Whether you want to style your hair with fades or just clip it as close to your skin, the Wahl Elite Pro will do wonders for your at-home grooming.

Currently with a price tag of just $39.25 (or about 3 trips to the barber), you’re getting the kit complete with different sizes of combs, a hard case for easy storage, styling comb, a pair of scissors, a guard bag for your combs, and a barber cape.

For the best option for at home, barber-style cut, go with Wahl Clipper Elite Pro! They are simply the best hair clippers for men!

What could be better:

Buyers have pointed out that this hair clipper has a long enough cord that provides them with enough flexibility to maneuver it on their own. 

However, despite the 8-foot long cord, some buyers have expressed that Wahl’s can also provide them with the cordless option for easier shaving.

"Grew a beard, and needed to be able to trim it up. Don't know how long I will keep it, so did not want to spend a lot. This item seems to fit the bill. Loads of attachments, but I only use one of them. Does a good job!"

Al the beard on Amazon


  • 18 attachments including a nose hair trimmer.
  • Go cordless. Includes a Lithium battery that can stay on for up to 3 hours.
  • Dual Cut technology, exclusive only for Philips.
  • Two buying options: Travel case or no travel case.


  • With the number of attachments including a nose hair trimmer, buyers can get more style versatility to fit their grooming needs.
  • Traveling abroad? Bring along this multi-groomer with you. With its cordless option, you can trim your hair or beard for up to a maximum of 3 hours when used.
  • No need to get bored waiting for your hair trimming session to finish! With the Philips Norelco Dual Cut technology hair trimming is faster at twice the time.

First Impression:

Many were left amazed by the Philips Norelco Multi-Groomer MG5750 because of its long battery life and ergonomic design for it to be held so easily.

Aside from the above mentioned highlights, many claimed it to be a great and terrific trimmer with a very affordable price. With the variety of attachments, many buyers appreciated the versatility and functionality of each one. The attachments allowed them to have different styling techniques even when they are only doing it on their own.

Some claimed that it had helped them replace their trips to the barber and helped them save time and money by doing so.

Cleaning up the Philips Norelco Multi-groomer was also not seen as a huge task. All of the attachments are completely rinsable with water. However, it is important to note that the actual hair trimmer is not waterproof. To clean the slot where the attachments go, one can use a brush and a cloth to remove the hairs stuck in the mechanism.

Whether they’re first-timers in doing at-home grooming or veterans at clipping their own beards, the Philips Norelco Multi-groomer was considered a great deal that left many happy customers. They are the second best hair clippers for men in 2020!

What could be better:

The ergonomic design and how they are able to use the hair trimmer without attaching it to a power cord made this one of the best contenders for the top spot.

As for points for improvement, many felt like the hair trimmer would need a little bit of a design change to include an LED indicator for battery levels. As one user have pointed out, it would take guesswork or keen observation to see whether or not the device was running out of battery.

"Easy to hold, catches every hair when used as a regular trim. No more difficult than brushing your hair. Took a few tries to determine which cutters look best on me, now use once every 3-4 weeks to keep it looking sharp."

Dontfret on Amazon


  • 11 styling combs including left and right taper tools.
  • Powerful vacuum and XXL catch bin.
  • Titanium-coated blades.
  • Lithium ion battery that provides up to 60 minutes of usage time after 4 hours of charging.
  • Other accessories include hair clips, shears, cleaning brush, blade oil, and a pouch.


  • Clean up is such a breeze (literally!) thanks to the vacuum and XXL vacuum bin that catches hair even before it falls to your floor or counter.
  • Package includes blade oil and a cleaning brush to make sure that buyers can maintain the device easily.

First Impression:

Chosen by many for being a great cordless hair trimmer option, the Remington HC6550 is also favored for how easy it is to use and to hold. What’s more is how the battery life was reliable enough to get through shaves and trims.

Among the hair trimmers we looked into for this list, the Remington is a sure standout because of its built in vacuum and catch. To some, this was considered an amazing add in since, according to their reviews, it was able to catch up to about 95% of their trimmed hair.

A product that works just as advertised, the Remington Cordless hair trimmer satisfied many of its buyers with its great features.

What could be better:

In terms of how easy it is to use, the buyers couldn’t fault this hair trimmer. The reviews for the Remington HC6550 resulted it being called as a good choice for trimmer that they see themselves using for many years to come.

Some buyers, however, found that the hair trimmer could use a little improvement in terms of the lengths of cuts. They did wish that the clipper could cut a little more closer to the skin.

“My boyfriend spends so much money on his hair cuts that I decided I will cut his hair for him. This product is great. The main clippers are super accurate and doesn't overheat even after long use. The smaller clippers are great for fine tuning the sides and back of the head. Just remember to get AA and AAA batteries before you start."

NicoleNayung on Amazon


  • 30-piece kit with 12 different sizes and shapes guards, a cordless touch-up trimmer (requires 2 AA batteries) & cordless personal trimmer with 2 attachment heads (requires 1 AA battery).
  • Equipped with high-quality carbon self-sharpening blades.
  • Changeable taper level.


  • Get professional results without breaking the bank. Accessories make your hair trimming and styling as if it was done by a professional barber.
  • Rigged out with a power drive motor that cuts through any type of hair with 35% more power than previous models for a no snag cut.
  • There’s no need to worry about replacing the blades! With the self-sharpening technology, blades are sharpened as you go. Just oil the blades after every use to ensure longevity and cutting quality.

First Impression:

Are you looking for professionally done hair cuts within the comforts of your home? If you are, then the Wahl Home Barber Kit might just be the hair trimmer that you’re looking for. This affordable hair trimmer received positive reviews for how easy it is to clean and use.

What other buyers were impressed with was how sturdy the clip on guides were. These allowed them to have the look they need, without the risk of the combing guide breaking off or causing them pain while in use.

Overall, the buyers left reviews that only encouraged more buyers to get on the bandwagon of self-haircuts. After all, this hair trimmer set from Wahl can get you the professional results that you’re looking for, at a fraction of the price.

What could be better:

It’s undeniable that the Wahl Home Barber Kit is an affordable choice for at home grooming and professional haircuts. What irked some people was how noisy the device can get when being used.

To be fair, the manufacturers didn’t really post a claim on quiet motor. In case you’re looking for a quieter Wahl, you can be better off with the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro.

"More power than most trimmers, doesn’t bog down, cleans easy and good battery life."

Eric Adams on Amazon


  • Includes 3 attachments.
  • Can operate with cord or without. Cordless option empowered by Lithium ion battery.
  • Fully washable.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Uncomplicated and easy to use; this is great for basic hair clipping duties.
  • Cordless function allows for more flexibility. Feel like cutting your hair while watching the Super Bowl? You can definitely do that with this one!
  • Cut a more precision trim thanks to the Zoom Wheel, a Philips Norelco-Exclusive feature that gives this clipper 17 different levels of cutting capability to satisfy your needs.

First Impression:

At first impression, the product looks very basic with its three attachments. However, this Philips Norelco Series 5100 was reviewed as ergonomic for being easy to hold and has a very satisfactory battery life.

At just 13.9 ounces, this lightweight and very portable tool is your best upgrade from your basic hair trimmer. 

Don’t let the Norelco 5100 fool you with its weight and basic looks because, according to the reviews left by the buyers, it’s a very reliable option for those who don’t want complicated tools for self-grooming. Who wants complications anyway?

With this small and highly efficient tool, you’re guaranteed to serve looks after every use.

What could be better:

Even though the Norelco 5100 was considered by many to be a great choice for a hair trimmer for its portability, some were frustrated by how the guides would need to be removed after every go because it would be stuck with hair.

Another observation that the buyers left was how the device would cut their skin which would cause them to bleed. Some even found that the hair trimmer was only great for shorter length of beards. Because of this, it ranks in the middle of the 10 best hair clippers for men.

I installed the baby monitor a couple days ago and I love it, the quality of the image display is great and the sound is pretty good too, I can see my kids very clear even with very little light, it’s super easy to set up, it comes with instructions and everything you need. I love cooking so keeping the monitor in the kitchen is awesome so I can keep watch on my babies.

Monica on Amazon


  • 15-piece kit includes 8 different combs, shears, oil and brush for device maintenance, a bib, a hard case for the device and a hard case to carry all together.
  • Faster performance due to the magnet motor.
  • Removable, high precision blades.


  • Clean up is a breeze! Just remove the blades, rinse it, dry it, and snap it back in to place!
  • Feel like trimming your hair before that big meeting? The magnet motor ensures that the trimmers are working fast.
  • Hate getting uneven trims? Put that worry behind you with its high-precision blades and guides.

First Impression:

One of the excellent qualities that the Amazon buyers found when they brought this hair trimmer home was how easy it was to use. Many of the buyers found it so convenient to hold while they were trimming their hair.

To some, they also found the Remington HC5850 to be safe to use as it does not pull or nick as some of the buyers’ old hair trimmers. 

At less than $30 per piece, buyers would also get 8 pieces of combing attachments, along with a pair of shears, an oil and a brush for the device’s cleaning and maintenance.

The Remington HC5850 proved to be a great choice for people who loves getting regular buzz cuts because of how people can get the best close shave without the pain of nicks and cuts.

What could be better:

For its price value, buyers seem to forgive some of the faults that they pointed out. It was definitely a reliable hair trimmer below the $30 price range. 

In any case, the buyers would definitely like to see some improvements in how the attachment and clipper were designed.

To them it was a little painful to be bothered by the accumulated hair in the cutter and would prefer to keep on cutting hair without having to clean up the shaver at each wave of hair removed.

"I absolutely swear by using this for my hair and trimming my face. Works as it should I don't leave a whole bunch of mess everywhere."

TheEdgeProductions on Amazon


  • 16-piece kit includes the main unit, 3 clips, a left and right taper, 6 length-changer combs, styling comb, shears, oil and brush for maintenance, a pouch.
  • Corded hair trimmer reaches up to 9 feet and requires voltage of 110-120 VAC.
  • Extra large chamber to catch cut hair.


  • Hardworking and reliable hair clipper empowered with a dual motor to ensure that the vacuum works while you’re cutting away your hair.
  • Has a large enough chamber to catch up to 90% of your cut hair without creating a mess on your floor and counter.
  • Equipped with self-sharpening blades so you can get the precision cut with every use without having to worry about getting blunt blades.

First Impression:

Ergonomically-designed, now that’s one thing that could be said about the Remington HKVAC2000A.

Cut hair, especially the smallest pieces, are annoying and can be very tricky to clean up. You’re lucky if you have a very smooth-surfaced floor, but what if you don’t? In comes a hair trimmer that’s equipped with a large enough chamber to catch up to 90% of your trimmed hair. 

A clean shave with a clean floor is something you can definitely achieve with this hair trimmer from Remington.

In terms of functionality, there were many buyers who were happy to share that their Remington hair trimmer worked well, without hair pulls and nicks. 

It is also worth mentioning that the hair trimmer works quietly despite its powerful dual motor. For parents who have children with special needs, this feature would be something that you may appreciate.

What could be better:

A high-performing hair trimmer, that’s what the Remington HKVAC2000A is to its buyers.

However, there were some who were left unsatisfied by it.

Some were dissatisfied by its fit in their hands–it was either bulky or too small; others received a used product.

"I haven't replaced my Braun 1775 shaver in close to 20 years ever since I discovered this replacement head. Works like a charm!"

Bratfry Ferg on Amazon


  • The kit contains 4 combs that can create 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm and a detail trimmer attachment and 1 piece of Gillette Body Razor.
  • Fully washable.
  • Use up to 1 hour. Takes 8 hours to fully charge.


  • Show off your versatile hair-cutting skills with the use of the four different combs, you can achieve up to 7 different functions (stubble, short, medium and long beards, hair clipping, contouring and body grooming).
  • Achieve stylish cuts without the risk of hair getting pulled or nicked thanks to the high-precision blades.
  • Can be easily cleaned with just the use of running water.

First Impression:

A list of the best hair clippers won’t be complete without an entry from Braun. Keeping faith to their reputation of being a leading brand for anything that’s got to do with hair, the Braun MGK3040 is best rated for how easy it is to put together, its battery life, as well as its aesthetic appeal.

The 7-in-1 kit was put together to have four different styling combs to match the hair or beard style that you’re going for and is even able to achieve the close-to-skin shave that some people refer. It is gentle and won’t cause any nicks or hair pulls.

Priced for its ergonomic design and aesthetically-pleasing external look, the Braun MGK3040 shouldn’t be slept on if you’re looking for a hair clipper to replace your old and/or cheap one.

Generally, this product left many of the Amazon shoppers satisfied. With a free Gillette Body razor, who wouldn’t be left satisfied?

What could be better:

For its price of below $50, it is considerably a satisfactory product. With its attachments, buyers have found this to be a reliable hair clipper that gets their hair style through in-between barber shop trips.

Still, there were users who felt like the Braun MGK3040 could use a little more shaving power and the ability to achieve really close shaves.

However, it is important to remember that this is produced and marketed as a hair clipper and not really a shaving tool. For the closest shaves and trims, it might be more beneficial to purchase a razor.

"The razor worked for almost a month before I had to recharge. Very adjustable. Sturdy and seems to be well made. I use it to keep my beard very short. Cordless, seems waterproof, does what I want it to do!"

brude1 on Amazon


  • Includes 12 different attachments including the following: 
    • Full-size steel trimmer
    • Extra-wide hair trimmer
    • Steel precision trimmer
    • Nose and ear hair trimmer
    • Body trimmer
    • Adjustable beard trimmer comb (3/4/5/6mm)
    • 4 hair trimmer combs (3/6/9/12mm)
    • Adjustable comb (1/2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16mm) for a precision trimmer
    • Styling comb
    • Brush and oil for cleaning and maintenance
    • Pouch
  • Up to 60 minutes Lithium-ion battery power.
  • Non-corrosive, self-sharpening blades.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Perfect your grooming game with the versatile Hatteker 5-in-1 trimmer.
  • Provided with adjustable combs that quickly snaps and locks into place.
  • Its non-corrosive and self-sharpening blades guarantees that you’re safe from skin irritation.
  • Waterproof for use in shower and completely rinsable for easy cleaning.

First Impression:

The Hatteker 5-in-1 trimmer has a great battery life and is considered by Amazon shoppers to be a nifty tool to have for at-home hair clipping all thanks to how easy it is to use and clean.

This washable hair clipping tool has all the necessary trimmers/attachments to suit your styling needs. Thinking of showing a little stubble? Do it so easily with the stubble attachment! 

Think about lining your beard? Cut it with the Hatteker precision trimmers. Body hair is also not a problem to manage. What’s more, is you can do it while you’re in the shower.

This hair trimmer also stands out because of its battery life. For some, the battery life is pretty decent. It only takes about 1.5 hours to charge and the 60 minute battery life can last quite a while according to the reviews. 

Another feature worth mentioning, the LED indicator shows how many minutes are left so you’ll know when to charge or when to keep on using.

The Hatteker 5-in-1 was found to be a great choice for a hair clipper without the heavy price tag.

What could be better:

Buyers were quick to point out that this hair clipper was easy to use. However, some were just simply not amazed. 

There were reports that pointed out that the hair clipper would result to some hair pulling, while some pointed out that they couldn’t get the close shave they want.

“Gave as a gift for a new mother. I use one as a grandmother for another grandchild and really like being able to see without going in”

Bird on Amazon


  • Comes with 9-foot cord, a blade guard, cleaning brush, lubricating oil and clipper grease.
  • Durable housing, break-free.
  • Detachable blades in 000 and 1.


  • Heavy-duty plastic casing is constructed to be highly-durable in order to withstand the harshest salon environments. Occasional falls are nothing with this hair clipper.
  • This hair clipper is considered easy to maintain and clean because it doesn’t clump up the hair inside the motor.
  • Has a quiet motor so as to not wake up your neighbors when you’re trimming your hair.

First Impression:

You can’t put a price on quality. This the identity that Oster Classic 76 wants to establish. True enough, Oster is living up to this portrayal and is considered to be highly recommended and well worth your money that can last you for a long time.

Whether you have thick and coarse hair or simply fine hair, the Oster Classic 76 can work wonders for you. It is a hard working hair clipper that’s been constructed to fit the demands of a salon, but can be used within the comforts of your home.

Though corded, you can still maneuver this hair clipper to reach your nape and other areas you would like to use this on because it has a 9-foot long cord. Fret not, the cord is heavily reinforced with thick and malleable plastic to make ascertain of this.

The Oster Classic 76 may look a little serious in terms of its functionality and durability, however, it also has fun colors to choose from! Who says hair clippers should all be boring in muted colors? 

Not this one! You can be bold in striking yellow, pink, blue or green or shine in gold! The color combinations are fun but all share the same strong durability.

Sure, you might be paying a little more than any of the other brands we gave you on this list, but Amazon shoppers felt assured that they were indeed paying for its worth.

What could be better:

With the outpour of positive reviews including how quiet the motor is, still, there were a few that expressed their dismay over the motor. 

Reviews further stated that it would overheat due to lengthy use. This posed an issue for those who would trim thick hair that required several passing before finally getting trimmed.

However, this was easily remedied by making sure that the motor is well-greased before use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Clippers For Men

What kind of hair clippers do barbers use?

Barbers also have their personal favorites when it comes to hair clippers. There are a lot of factors that barbers consider when buying clippers. With these factors, one may weigh more than the other.

Some barbers have stuck with a brand that they’ve started using ever since their salon school and some would change as they go. Again, it all boils down to preference.

How do you buzz cut your own hair with clippers?

Getting your own hair clipper is such a great way to downsize your monthly budget. For a guy, this could mean about $1,800 savings each year (considering you’re going to the barbers weekly). Investing in a really good hair clipper would definitely go on a long way. 

The trick, however, to actually being productive at cutting your own hair is through practice. Even though the look is very simple, buzz cutting your own hair with clippers can prove to be challenging.

To lessen the challenge, you can follow these simple steps to buzz cut your own hair with clippers:

Step 1: Get your shears, clipper, and its attachments. If you have one of those kits of hair clippers that have about 12 different levels of trim, you can choose three different kinds of trims. Sort of a long, medium, and really short.

Step 2: Set up your mirrors. If you’re the ‘forever alone’ dude or gal of the group, you’ll need to set up mirrors. One for the front and one that could help you see your head’s back side. These mirrors will serve as your eyes and your guides as you buzz cut your own hair.

Step 3: Start with a trim using your shears. This allows you to minimize the time required to keep on mowing your head with the clippers. Some clippers may overheat because of the increased usage. Think of the hair clipper as a mini lawn mower that could fit your hand. It can get hot.

Step 4: Stand in front of a mirror, making sure that there’s ample space for you to move your hand around. It is highly advisable for you to go against the direction of hair growth. As you go, you can change the clipper attachment until you’re down to the one that can give you an almost close-to-shave cut.

Step 5: Check the backside with a big hand mirror and do the same.

Step 6: Brush off hair  from your body to prevent irritation or just take a shower. Don’t forget to clean up wherever you shave your hair. The trimmed hair can clog the drainage so it’s best to rid of all the hair as soon as you can.

Step 7: Clean off your clipper and do the necessary maintenance work. Whether you have self-sharpening blades or not, this is a necessary step you shouldn’t forego. Brush the hair caught in the clipper, rinse the attachments and the clipper if possible, and oil the blades and grease the clipper if necessary.

What is the difference between Trimmer and Clipper?

It’s very easy to confuse the two and the reason is mainly because of how similar they really look and function. 

However, the clipper is closer to how a scissor can work. It clips longer hair. As for a trimmer, as the name implies, it trims hair that is shorter by length. 

Trimmers are able to get more details as opposed to clippers that really just clips hair away.

Can you cut wet hair with clippers?

Practically speaking, cutting wet hair with clippers is highly advisable. If you have thick and coarse hair, wetting it before using a clipper will make the job easier on the device.

A fair warning, however, wet hair makes it appear longer. So, if you have wavy hair, clipping the hair wet may result in undesirable length.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we did not only find out what the best hair clipper is on Amazon right now, but we also discovered how to easily do buzz cuts on your own. While nothing beats professional haircuts and styling, one can get close to getting their desired result with the help of Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-performance Home Haircut & Grooming Kit for Men (Model: 79602). And this is according to the voice of Amazon shoppers who have benefited from using this hair clipper.

If the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro isn’t for you, there are still other worthy buys that Amazon shoppers have used that left them satisfied like the Philips Norelco Multi-Groomer MG5750 or Oster Classic 76. We can only hope that this post will serve as a great guide once you set yourself on the adventure of finding the best hair clipper for your at home grooming.

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