10 Best Handheld Shower Heads for a Better Experience

Fun fact! Did you know that an average person takes about 28,000 showers over the course of their lifetime?

To elevate your shower experience from average to excellent, we decided to look into Amazon’s world of hand-held shower heads and pick the best of the best!

If you’re looking for a more excellent way to conserve water and get a better experience when showering, continue reading through our hand picked list!

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With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and having more than 4,700 customer ratings, the AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ Chrome Face hand-held Shower Head is Amazon’s best reviewed hand-held shower head for the ultimate shower experience.

AquaDance edged everyone else in the competition and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Use it as an overhead or a hand-held shower, however you please. It has an ergonomic grip handle which makes it possible for a comfortable shower experience.
  • Its angle-adjustable bracket will let you have a more precise shower and point it in the exact direction you want.
  • Independently-tested and was found to meet the strictest of US quality and performance standards.

Continue reading through our list of top ten best hand-held shower heads to understand more about the AquaDance high pressure hand-held shower head and all the other great choices available on Amazon today!

The Best Handheld Shower Heads Reviewed (2020)

“I am a disabled eighty-year-old lady and I installed this shower apparatus in minutes. It is so easy to connect, no tools needed, and I have not experienced any leakage from the unit. Every connection is secure and I am impressed with it in every way but one. The handle needs scoring or ridges so that it doesn't slip from soapy hands. Otherwise, I can not fault it at all. In the past, I have had professionally installed hand-held showers with sliding bars but I needed a replacement. After much research, I decided to try this one even though it was the least expensive I researched. Now I wonder why anyone, myself included, would pay $50, $60 or even $80 for one and then pay someone to install it. Believe me, I would purchase this again and recommend it highly. Thanks, AquaDance for a great product!”

Joyce on Amazon


  • Angle-adjustable, chrome-plated premium ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) stainless steel, spiral style.
  • Weighs about 1.1 pounds (around 500 grams).
  • Hose length reaches up to 5 feet.
  • Easy to install, fits any standard shower arm with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Has 6 different settings of water flow that range from rainfall-like to the more concentrated stream. Change water flow settings with the use of click lever dial.
  • Versatile to use due to the angle-adjustable overhead bracket.
  • Extra flexible stainless steel-reinforced hose that will let you use it in the direction and place you want.

First Impression:

AquaDance high-pressure 6-setting hand-held shower head is well-received by buyers for being lightweight and easy to assemble.

There were a lot more positive reviews on the AquaDance hand-held shower head that also circled on how pleasant the product looks. Some of the reviews stated that it looked more expensive and sophisticated than what they paid it for.

However, not everyone was pleased with the product. Sadly, there were reports that the hose started breaking off at the 90-day mark.

Other comments were about the pressure of water that comes out. There were buyers who stated that the pressure was too strong while the others stated that the pressure was too weak despite the removal of the water flow constrictor.

Overall, the product received mixed reviews that leaned to more positive ones rather than critical. Nonetheless, it’s the best handheld shower head of 2020!

What could be better:

Even though the AquaDance high-pressure hand-held shower accessory received more positive reviews than negative, it could be safe to say that the product could use a little more improvement on the quality of the hose.

Buyers have found that the hose can be improved in terms of its length and the quality or type of material used. Despite getting an ABS rating on the stainless steel hose, many users still found this to be an area of concern that could be improved upon.

"I installed in less than 10 minutes. The water pressure is great, even when using both heads simultaneously. Another bonus is that both heads have several stream settings. All for less than $30."

Amazon Customer on Amazon


  • Has 5 different water flow settings.
  • Fits any standard shower arm, easy to clean, and has an elegant chrome finish.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Two shower heads are better than one. Create up to 24 full and combined shower experiences with the Hydroluxe 1433.
  • Steel-reinforced hose that reaches up to 5 feet makes for a very versatile shower experience.
  • Has a water-saving economy setting to help you save on water every shower.

First Impression:

Buyers positively commented on how easy it was to assemble and install along with how lightweight it was.

This Hydroluxe 1433 hand-held shower accessory also received praises for having a very easy to follow instruction booklet, teflon/plumber’s tape and washers that were enough for both washing accessories.

Based on the product listing, it seemed like a great choice for a hand-held shower head according to the reasons above. However, some were not very satisfied with the product that they received.

What could be better:

Despite getting praises for how it appeared expensive, there were reports of dissatisfaction from several of the buyers. These folks mentioned that the bath accessory  broke off after minimal use.

Other buyers also shared their observation that the bath accessory might fit better the homes with a stronger-pressured water.

Buyers did find relief that despite the seemingly weak shower head it was fairly priced.

“This showerhead has very nice water pressure and I love the settings. The only thing I don't like is you cannot change the water pressure. I miss on the old model we had that we had 3 water settings to save water while you shower or to decrease the pressure. I'm fine with the way it is now, but if I get burned in the summertime, it's going to make taking showers very difficult and painful. If you like being able to control the water flow, find another model. If you want something that's going to help increase water pressure and give you different nozzle settings, this is perfect!”

B. Higgins on Amazon


  • Brushed nickel finish for a sophisticated look.
  • Comes with a 5-foot hose for ease of use.
  • Enhanced with Power Spray + technology for a powerful and invigorating shower experience, exclusive from Waterpik


  • Lightweight at 1.15 pounds.
  • High-pressure spray when needed.
  • Designed for convenience.

First Impression:

For a lightweight and seemingly unassuming hand-held shower head, the Waterpik TRS-559 is praised for its easy installation and value for money.

If you are a person who looks for highly-pressurized mobile washer, then the Waterpik TRS-559 is definitely for you. Many users found it very relaxing and convenient to rinse off shampoo with the help of this high pressure setting.

Another thing worth noting about this choice from Waterpik is that the hand-held washer is completely latex-free. This was a feature well-appreciated by several buyers who have an allergy with latex products.

What could be better:

There were two observations that Waterpik could possibly improve on with one being the stiffness of the hose and the other being the length of the hose. 

Buyers have found it a little inconvenient that the hose wasn’t improving after months of use. To these buyers, the stiffness of the hose felt a little bit of a struggle to manipulate. Furthermore, it may be due to this stiffness that the hose feels a little short.

“Great showerhead! I like it so much that I bought a second one for a guest bathroom. I did NOT tamper with the water saver. God did not put me on this green earth to be ungrateful for our bounty. Yes, at first the decreased water flow was a bit of a shock. I had just moved into an older house and the previous shower head was circa 1990s, and put out a ton of water. Goodness knows how many gallons of water it was using -- it felt like a lot. After a couple of days with this Moen, the amount of water feels fine; rinses well. And the spray feels comfortable. And I feel good about saving water. 🙂 Ohh and I LOVE the magnet! Very slick idea.”

Cameron Scholtz on Amazon



  • Ease of access and flexibility thanks to the easy snap/magnetic attachment.
  • Nickel-finished shower head for an even cleaner-looking bathroom.
  • Meets water efficiency criteria set by the EPA.

First Impression:

Elegant and modern are two of the main words that could best describe the Moen 26100EPSRN Magnetix shower head. It was easily loved by Amazon buyers because it is easy to use, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to clean.

In terms of ease of use, Amazon shoppers loved the idea of having a magnetic placeholder instead of the usual hook. This allowed them to easily detach and re-attach the mobile washer without putting way too much effort.

With more than 270 positive reviews, one of the characteristics that resonated very well between the buyers was that despite being marketed to be a water-saving shower head, it gave a pretty strong and steady jet of water.

Overall, Moen was a well-loved choice with very few complaints.

What could be better:

One thing that the buyers noticed was how the bracket or attachment of the mobile washer was made from plastic. This gave some of the buyers the idea that the whole thing might be flimsy and will give so easily.

Upon reading the reviews, tips were circulated that the best way to tackle the problem is to be careful not to use a wrench to tighten this part of the hand-held bath accessory.

I love the water pressure on this unit. Our previous shower head broke, so we were forced to buy a new one. At first we just moved the guest bathroom shower head w/hose over to ours, but the water pressure was horrible. This one I love! I ordered it and my husband installed it right away. I love how the water feels on you. Not skimpy at all. It's all over. And when you need force, the power setting shoots out water really powerful. Just what i wanted. 🙂

Sheila from Amazon


  • Comes in two different water pressures: 2 GPM and 2.5 GPM.
  • Polished chrome finish.
  • Follows the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.


  • Experience a better shower with the control and flexibility of your water flow in the shower.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the soft rubber Touch-Clean spray holes that allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away without the need for any soak or any other cleaning agents.
  • Allows users to pause the shower’s temperature to help save water.

First Impression:

The seven-spray hand-held shower head from Delta Faucet was welcomed by buyers as a good choice for a hand-held shower head and it could be attributed to how easy it was to install. It was the best rated feature for so many of its buyers.

For its price, many of the buyers found it very affordable and reliable. This left some of them buying again for their second bathroom.

Overall, the seven-spray hand-held shower head from Delta Faucet was found to be a satisfactory choice for a hand-held shower head for its price–something that many of the Amazon shoppers expected from Delta Faucet.

What could be better:

For point for improvement, it could be said that the hand-held shower head will need to improve their hose’s flexibility. Users have found the hose to be too stiff and inflexible. This was seen as a limitation to the overall use of the hand-held shower head.

Buyers have also pointed out that some of the critical parts of the hand-held shower head was made from plastic which thereby left an impression that the shower head could break so easily.

Delta Faucet, however, provides a lifetime limited warranty which can allow the users to install this shower head with complete assurance from Delta Faucet.

“As far as the shower performance, it performed well on the first use but beware on the installation. (Used it now for 2 weeks and love the different settings. Also reinstalled the flow restrictor and still have plenty of pressure.) In removing the flow restrictor from the hand held model, the instructions says to remove the sand filter. There is no sand filter on the handheld shower piece, it's in the shower mounting bracket. Secondly, the sand filter and washer didn't fit well and I couldn't get a tight seal. (Did they package the wrong filter?) Ended up going to the hardware store for a proper fit filter. Third, be careful of cross-threading the hose to the mounting bracket. Very easy to cross thread if you're not paying attention. I've installed other handheld units but this one required way more time than typical.”

LLM from Amazon


  • Four different color options to choose from: 
    • Brass
    • Brushed nickel
    • Bronze
    • Chrome
  • Have a variety of water pressure settings including power massage
  • Stretchable stainless steel hose that goes from 70 inches up to a max 80 inches


  • Different water pressure settings allows you to have a more specific shower experience that also allows users to save water.
  • Detailed instructions allows buyers to install it with ease.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing which could mean flexibility in terms of fitting in your bathroom’s

First Impression:

In terms of aesthetics, many were impressed by how well the shower looks and how it looked like a pretty luxurious addition to their bathroom. Aside from that, buyers were very impressed by how easy it was to install because of the well-detailed instructions.

According to the manufacturer, every purchase should provide the buyers with a roll of Teflon tape (Plumber’s tape), an extra mesh filter, and the long stainless steel hose that goes from 70 inches to a maximum 80 inches. With the complete accessories in tact, as well as the instructions included, the buyers were confidently claiming and attesting to how easy it was to install.

Among the products reviewed in this article, ShowerMaxx’s hand-held shower head’s hose is among the longest which thereby puts the product as one of the better choices if you are a tall person.

What could be better:

While comments saying the product broke off or it was flimsy couldn’t be helped, the reviews all found that the plastic materials used in the hand-held shower head could be greatly improved upon.

Another issue that the purchasers faced was how the shower head produced sound when used. This comment was found in both positive and critical reviews. It may not be an issue to some but, the sound that the shower produced was not pleasing to everyone who mentioned about the issue. It was also stated that build up within the head happened fairly quick, for a step by step guide on cleaning your shower head, click here.

"Installation was easy. A bit worried that water consumption will increase going from a low flow to this filtered spray. Overall very impressed after my first use. My thinning blonde hair was much softer and manageable. Great for a household that can't install a water softener. Price point was a little high, but I look forward to much better results! Make sure you read and keep the installation and trouble shooting guide for the filter. Thanks Culligan!"

A. Mann on Amazon


  • Average 2 GPM water flow.
  • Filter against chlorine and scale included certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177 to reduce chlorine.
  • Five different water flow settings adjustable to fit your preference.


  • Shower with filtered water free from chlorine which makes for a healthier skin and hair. This filter reduces sulfur smell, scale, bacteriostatic, and chlorine for up to 99% which is to be replaced every 6 months or for every 10,000 gallons.
  • Easy to install and no tools necessary. Installation box includes teflon tape and an instruction manual.

First Impression:

An Amazon’s choice for “showerhead with filter”, shoppers found it very easy to remove, easy to install, and considered it a steal.

Most of the buyers found that the shower head gave them a very refreshing and clean feeling after every use. After all, it’s what you’re buying a shower head for, right? But aside from that, they really appreciated the filter included.

The carbon filter in the Culligan HSH-C135 helped turn their hard water into soft water. Through the help of this filter, the users have attested to having shinier hair and smoother skin.

What could be better:

Despite being rated as Amazon’s choice for “showerhead with filter”, some of the buyers found that the weight of the shower head itself was a little off-putting.

The buyers suggested that since the shower head must have been heavy because of the filtration system, the holder should be able to hold it well. This concern, however, is also another point of improvement due to some reports that the holder wasn’t really made from quite strong materials.

"The product is a great value, and I was contacted by the seller after ordering, and after arrival to make sure I had received the product and was satisfied. That is impressive. I love this shower head, and the multiple settings are great. I have to sit to shower and this is so helpful."

Jan Burd from Amazon


  • Full package includes the hand-held shower head with hose, adjustable shower arm mount, washer and Teflon tape.
  • Features 9 distinct settings, including a pause mode.
  • Weighs about 1.3 pounds and a 60-inch hose.


  • With the pause mode, you can save water while saving the temperature of the water.
  • Full package materials, including washers and teflon tape, makes for a very breezy installation even without the use of any tools.
  • Silicone jets makes the shower head easy to clean even without soaking into a cleaning solution.

First Impression:

One of the highest rated products on Amazon for a shower head that provides great pressure, value for money, and convenience in installation.

People who bought this item was satisfied by its great value for money. An affordable hand-held shower head with great water pressure was how they described the item.

Looks-wise, buyers have called it elegant looking and goes on to say that the hand-held shower head from Wassa had been well made.

On the average the reviews leaned in towards the positive than the negative. Which could be a great indicator of a product’s quality.

What could be better:

Even though there were a lot of buyers who found the pressure to be impressive, there were reports that it was too much for their liking. 

Another concern that some of the buyers expressed was the attachment couldn’t swivel when it was meant to and that it couldn’t be held in place after a while.

“I like the flexibility the dual shower heads have to offer. The hand held retains the ability to move in many different directions and is long enough you can use it to spray down the walls when cleaning. The fixed shower head has limited movement, but likely no less than a regular shower head. It may be adjusted with ease. The only minor issue is the construction is mainly plastic and the regulator which directs water flow between the two shower heads feels very brittle. For the price, I would purchase again in a few years if it discontinued working effectively.”

Tim in Pennsylvania on Amazon


  • Independently tested to meet US quality standards.
  • Features a 6-setting premium rainfall massage shower head with a large 4″ face that can be easily cleaned 
  • Anti-swivel position lock nut stabilizes the shower head.


  • Among the 6 setting is an economy mode setting that allows users to have a water-saving option.
  • Detailed instructions and does not require any tools makes the shower head install easily within minutes.

First Impression:

This aesthetically-pleasing, two-shower head from HotelSpa received left positive impressions on the buyers specifically in the area of ease of installation.

Consumers found the product to be a reliable choice even though the price was at the lower end of the market. Some even saying that the HotelSpa hand-held shower head gave their bathrooms a very luxurious look.

Having the double shower head with a large face was well appreciated by the buyers because of the flexibility that the set up offers in their daily showers.

With the generally positive comments, most of the buyers were satisfied and considered this to be a good deal.

What could be better:

Some of the buyers who commented expressed their concern about the shower head’s use of plastic. To these buyers, the inclusion of plastic on the shower head gave the shower head a flimsy appearance.

"I have been using this shower head for years. The reason is the cost is reasonable and the ability to adjust the flows of water through the shower head is why I purchased it as my current shower handles only control the temperature, not the water flow. I just wish they were a bit more durable as I have had to replace mine at somewhat frequent intervals."

K. A. from Amazon


  • Portable and very easy to install.
  • 3 spray settings accessible by a dial.
  • Stainless steel hose reaches up to 80 inches, longer than the average hand-held shower head.


  • Complete control over water flow with the help of a water switch at the base of the hose, which is great for saving water.
  • Shower comfortably and with flexibility thanks to the length of the hose.
  • Plastic unit prevents the shower head from corroding over a few years use.

First Impression:

For anyone who is looking for a comfortable hand-held shower head to use, this is the one for you. Not only did buyers find this appendage comfy to use, this hand-held shower head was also praised for its looks and how easy it was to install.

Another aspect of the shower that the buyers appreciated was how long the hose was. This was seen as a nifty feature to have especially for those who suffer disability. 

One of the buyers noted that along with the long hose, the shower also provided strong enough water pressure that felt comfortable.

This is a shower head that’s basic, easy to install, cheap, and convenient to use. If these are the factors that you’re looking for in a hand-held shower head, then this 3-setting portable hand-held shower head from AquaSense is the one for you.

What could be better:

This plastic shower head didn’t impress some of the buyers. However, as a material, the plastic is what gives this hand-held shower head its light weight that makes for a comfortable shower head that’s easy to carry around while in the bath.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handheld Shower Heads

How long do shower heads last?

We most often want all of our purchases to last us a lifetime. This is true even when purchasing a shower head. 

Prior purchasing, we often wonder how long shower heads should last. But, did you know, a shower head should often be replaced after 6 to 8 months of use?

The reason for a seemingly “short” usage is to keep the bacteria from growing. 

A shower head is always exposed to water as well as minerals. To prevent bacterial growth from happening, regular replacement is advised.

Can you save more water when you use a hand-held shower head?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, shower heads should comply with their WaterSense specifications that limits water flow to a minimum of 2.0 GPM.

When comparing a hand-held shower head versus a fixed shower head in terms of water saving efficiency, the hand-held shower head will come out better because it allows for a more targeted cleaning.

Being detachable allows users to simply use water depending on the area that they need.

How do you install a hand-held shower head?

Installation methods can be different for all shower heads. According to our review of hand-held shower heads, some require additional tools to do so, but some won’t. However, here is a step-by-step guide to installing a hand-held shower head for your home:

Step 1: Turn off the water source and start removing the old shower head. Turn the nuts on the direction to loosen it.

Some may require you to use a wrench. Do so carefully. If this is your first hand-held shower head, you may be required to attach the mount to the wall.

Step 2: Clean out all the threads and the pipes where you’re going to attach the new one.

In the new shower head, wrap around Teflon tape (Plumber’s tape) to secure the attachment and that no leaks will happen.

Remember to keep it only in the area where the threads are present.

Step 3: Attach the set all together by hand tightening each piece where it should go. Remember to check the diverters and place the hand-held shower head accordingly.

Do all shower heads have flow restrictors?

According to the United States’ Energy policy act of 1992, shower heads must be equipped with flow restrictors. This is done in order to conserve the precious resource. 

Flow restrictors are placed to limit flows only up to the maximum allowable of 2.5 GPM. However, this can result in a low pressure and even low flowing water which many do not prefer.

For those who do not like washing with a weak water flow, shower heads can easily be opened to yank out this flow restrictors which are usually made from plastic. 

It is also quite easy to recognize. If it’s a plastic that looks out of place, it might be the flow restrictor that you’re looking at.

The Lowdown on Handheld Shower Heads(Conclusion)

Coming up with a list of the best hand-held shower heads on Amazon required us to looking into several considerations which are pretty common amongst the shoppers:

  1. Must be convenient to use.
  2. Must be easy to install.
  3. Must be reasonably priced.

The shower heads we provided in this list all carry these three essential considerations that resonated with most of the shoppers from Amazon.

We trust that this review of the best hand-held shower heads on Amazon will serve as a guide and help you navigate through all the highly-qualified choices.

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