How to Use Rice Water for Hair Growth

Are you part of the population who have been battling serious hair problems? Tried different shampoos and just can’t find reprieve? Are lackluster locks getting you down? Well, we’ve got something for you!

Rising from the tales of ancient Asian history comes the very humble hair tonic recipe made from rice that has claims to support your hair’s health.

You might be wondering if there are people who actually swear by the use of such a seemingly magical hair potion, well in fact there are. 

Behold, the beautiful female population from the Huangluo Village. They currently hold the Guinness World Title for “World’s Longest Hair Village”. Sure there are a lot of factors that play in a person’s hair development, but the one thing that these village folks have used to wash their hair with is rice water.

Before the ladies received this recognition from Guinness, a group of researchers from Japan looked into the practice of using the rice wash on hair and they have concluded that it indeed can support invigorated hair.

The best thing about it is how easy it is to prepare and use it! Just follow the steps below and you’re well on your way to much-improved hair growth. Also for those that still feel in need after this post, check out our biotin shampoo guide where we list the top 10 in 2020!

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How to Prepare Rice Water for Hair Growth

Step 1: Wash Rice Grains

The first step to preparing your rice rinse is to wash your grains first. Doing this step ensures that your hair potion is free from insects and other foreign matter that may be present in the rice.

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Step 2: Prepare a Bowl or a Bottle

After cleaning up your grains, be sure to prepare a clean bowl or a bottle. Having this kitchen item is very handy for doing the next step as well as for keeping it for further use.

Step 3: Soak The Washed Rice Grains

Once you’re all set with your basin or a vessel, the next step is soaking the washed rice. 

Now, there’s not much literature about the type of water and its relationship to hair health, but we highly propose the rice grains be soaked in anything but hard water and use purified or distilled water.

There are many areas in the United States where hard water is present. The use of hard water in hair can leave trace amounts of minerals similar to what you can find in your shower heads. Unfortunately, these trace minerals can turn your hair very dry and brittle.

As such, using soft water or distilled or purified or deionized water as your soak for the rice may result in increased efficiency of the hair potion since you’re not using hard water.

Leave the rice soaking for about 8 minutes before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Swirl the Soak

Once you have soaked the rice for about 8 minutes, swirl the concoction until it is cloudy. You’ll know that the starch is seeping from the grains and into the water once the liquid has turned cloudy.

If you wish to soak the rice a little longer, you can do so. Letting it sit for up to 30 minutes will allow you to get more nutrients from the granules.

Should you choose to soak the rice for this amount of time, occasional stirring is definitely advised.

Step 5: Strain

The fifth and final step to preparing the rice water is to strain it. You may use a simple fine mesh strainer to separate the liquid from the grains.

Once you are done straining, be sure to catch the wash in a clean vessel. Use something that has a cap if you want to save this for future use.

This hair tonic that you’ll be putting in your hair and scalp is a wash that’s packed with hair-flourishing vitamins such as Vitamins B, C, and E, amino acids, and even antioxidants. More importantly, you’ll be benefiting from a vitamin called inositol. 

Inositol or Vitamin B8 is a supplement often associated with hair growth. It even helps improve symptoms of psoriasis.

And, since this hair tonic made from rice also contains amino acids, your dry and breakable hair will have building blocks to regain its elasticity and strength.

With all of these healthy vitamins in an easy to prepare hair tonic, it’s time to reap its benefits by learning how to properly use it.

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How to Use Rice Water for Hair Growth

Now that you’ve prepared your hair growth potion, the next step is washing your hair with it.

The stories of the lady villagers from Huangluo gives us important information on how to effectively utilize the hair potion to stimulate your hair follicles.

The villagers use this hair tonic as if it is a shampoo. Massaging the hair tonic directly on to the scalp will help stimulate and enhance the sopping up of the nutrients that are present in the hair tonic made from the humble grain’s wash.

Massage and let it stay on your hair for about 15 minutes. Once this time is up, be sure to wash it off with cool water. We advocate against the use of hot water on hair because high temperatures can ruin the structure of your strands.


Hair growth is controversial and in most times, a sensitive topic to discuss for some individuals. Now that we’ve learned the secret of the ladies from the village of long-haired women, we definitely think that there’s no harm in trying this simple hair tonic.

The recipe above is the simplest way to preparing this hair tonic within the comforts of your own home. It is completely natural and is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that will only be beneficial for your own hair.

If you loved this article or if you know someone who might be struggling with their hair’s development, share this article with them! Who knows, this simple hair hack made from rice wash might just be the thing that they’re waiting for.

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