Skin irritations and sniffles may be a good indicator of how bad your indoor air quality (IAQ) is at home. But before you ever let it get that far, realize that there are safe and effective ways to test this and I have outlined them all for you.

Having good air quality is very important, especially if you have a newborn or an elderly person living in the house. They’re the ones who are the most susceptible to developing infections caused by bad air quality. What’s worse is that it can trigger asthma attacks and other upper respiratory tract diseases.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the best ways to measure the air quality of your home. And, for those already ahead of me and looking for an air purifier, I have a top 10 list for that as well!

Beware of the Symptoms

man with headache

Usually, the first thing you’ll notice when you’re in an area with poor air conditions is your bodily reactions. These are all of the health clues that you might experience when you are exposed to an environment where a lot of impurities is present in the air:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny nose
  3. Coughing
  4. Watery eyes
  5. Headache
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Dizziness
  8. Nausea

This is unfortunate if you have a serious illness such as asthma or any upper respiratory tract illnesses for that matter.

What’s more is IAQ doesn’t just mean pollen, dust, and dander, your home’s air quality is also largely affected by VOCs or otherwise known as Volatile Organic Compounds, toxic fumes, and smoke. These types of air impurities can immediately make someone feel dizzy, short of breath, and nauseous.

As we said, these health clues maybe a little too harsh to use as an indicator of your home’s air status, however, it is the best indicator if you do not have an at-home set up to actually check and monitor the status of air where you live.

Checking your Home

If you don’t have an air quality testing machine yet, you can definitely use your home’s vent’s filter as an indicator of your air status.

The recommended cleaning schedule for clearing your filters and vents is about 90 days, kinda like when you’re replacing your toothbrush. However, when there are pets around, it is highly recommended to change the filters every 60 days. If you’re hypersensitive, or if you live with someone who is hypersensitive and catches allergies quite often, you definitely should change it as often as about 45 days.

While you’re checking out the nooks and crannies, you should also remain on the lookout for any growth of mold.

Molds are part of the fungi family. They give out spores that mix in the air that when caught by your body, it is recognized as a foreign matter. As such, your body will automatically react to this entity by making you sneeze in order to release these foreign particles.

Cleaning your home is a very effective way to get rid of dust and mold however, if it is not enough, you can always buy an air purifier (check out my guide on the best to use). However, it shouldn’t just be an ordinary air purifier, as it should be equipped with a HEPA-grade filter in order to work against dust and mold spores. 

Purchase a Home Air Quality Testing Machine

Aside from experiencing bodily symptoms, you can always get yourself a device that can check your home’s air status to see how good or how poor your home’s air status.

There are different types of air status testing machines that has its own expertise, and these are:

  1. Naturally-occurring pollutant testers – Naturally-occurring pollutant testers are those that have the capability to examine whether your air has pollen, dander, or mold spores. 
  2. VOC testers – VOC are gases that come from different solid or liquid matters. Some familiar sources of VOC in the household include air fresheners, paint, varnish, insect killers, and automotive products.
  3. Gas tester – Gas testing devices often catch the existence of radon, Hydrogen cyanide, and other combustible byproducts that can be deadly when inhaled in large amounts. Some of these gases are highly flammable and could cause huge damage to property.

Once you have your very own air status monitor, it is vital that you read through its manual in order to familiarize yourself with the different information that your machine will have.

These devices often have a digital screen that shows different levels of contaminants in the air. Newer devices however have progressed technologically that such information can easily be synced to your phone. 

Whether you get a simple monitor or a high-tech one, we highly encourage going through its user manual to get the most out of your device.

Call a Professional

For the busy bees, calling a professional is certainly an option. A professional will do so much more than just show you the current air quality. 

The inspector can show you the source of contaminants that you might be living with and even share with you the best practices to refine your home’s air conditioner.

Professional help is of course expected to be a little pricier than your do-it-yourself kits. Aside from checking your actual air quality, their services are very helpful should you need to create a legal inquiry.


Testing your home’s IAQ is easy with the help of indicators. Without getting yourself your very own IAQ tester, your body is a very effective way to learn your home’s IAQ. But other than that, your home is also a great indicator of good or poor IAQ. 

If the budget is out of the question, IAQ testers that are available in the market is a great way to accurately know the levels of your IAQ. Getting it done professionally is certainly the most excellent way to know the actual levels of your IAQ. Sure it may break the bank a little, but nothing can ever beat professional help especially when you’re dealing with your health.

We do hope that this guide is helpful! If it was, please don’t forget to share it! We’re always busy coming up with the most helpful guides and tips at our homepage, so be sure to always drop by!

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